… pursuit of Olympic fencing gold….
 My opponent:  My little brother Jeff. Jeffy is a challenged 18 year old with a penchant for Zelda and Link Nintendo games.  So…imagine his delight when these exquisitely crafted replicas turned up at a local fair.  

My strategy:  Feign losing my sword, lure him in close, grab the back up sword, and claim a quick victory!  (On a side note…although I've never been accused of acting like I have a stick up my butt; I guess I won't be able to deny any future accusations.)
 The execution:  going well here…lost the sword.   Ho! Haha! Guard! Dodge! Spin! Perry! Ha! Thrust!
(If you don't know what that line is from…I'm not sure you can claim American citizenship.) 
 OK…so those of you not properly versed in Warner Brothers cartoons growing up, click here…
A slight change of plan here; let him have his victory photo…
OK… so maybe that didn't work so well.  Doesn't look like I'll be winning any floor exercise medals any time soon either.  Maybe the US curling team is looking for some new talent… Vancouver in 2010 baby!
 -mike ❓