WHOOPS! I forgot to do January’s Instagram round up. SOOOO, I’m doing a two-fer! ūüėČ

Here’s what the last two months have been full of… [br] [br]

knitted more scarves ¬†:: ¬†bought a FitBit, I’m a fan! ¬†:: ¬†spent time with our favorite redheads ¬†:: ¬†lots of home-improvement tasks ¬†:: ¬†celebrated Mike’s brother’s Jeffy’s birthday ¬†:: ¬†started the design process for the new bbmk website ¬†:: ¬†went to Chicago to see a show ¬†:: ¬†energy-efficientized our home ¬†:: ¬†knitted more scarves ¬†:: ¬†Mike successfully got LASIK surgery!!! ¬†:: ¬†spoke at a career day ¬†:: ¬†knitting with Ann on Wednesday’s ¬†:: ¬†crafted rainbows while babysitting ¬†:: ¬†Mike danced ¬†:: ¬†threw a 30th birthday party for a dear friend ¬†:: ¬†a delayed celebration of our 9 year wedding anniversary with a four-night cruise ¬†:: ¬†got the new 24-70mm lens, BOOM! ¬†:: ¬†family vacationed in the Keys ¬†:: ¬†became obsessed with baked green beans ¬†:: ¬†knitted another scarf ¬†:: ¬†cross-stitched my family ¬†:: ¬†started working out again ¬†:: ¬†Ms. PacMan! ¬†:: ¬†Mom found some beautifully large fake flowers ¬†:: ¬†I learned how to do a sock bun!

[br] [br] [br] Here’s what February has coming up ¬†:: Mike’s shoulder is healing very well so we can start shooting again! ¬†:: ¬†My ridiculously fun family (to include my Grigh) is coming to visit! ¬†:: ¬†Momba’s birthday ¬†:: ¬†Two workshops ¬†:: ¬†Sesame Street Live ¬†:: ¬†Annual Girl’s Slumber Party

[br] [br]

2013 is starting off perrrrfectly! ūüėÄ

Thanks for tuning in friends… and thanks for your patience during Mike’s medical hiatus; we can’t wait to start shooting again!

Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ‚Ěó + ‚Ěď [br] [br] [br]