Meet Janine and Scott 🙂




 My favorite!:!: LOVE the lines in this 🙂





 AYKM?! "Don't be afraid of space rays" ?!!! We saw this and knew IMMEDIATELY that we MUST get a photo in front of it!  OHHHH INDIANA HOW WE LOVE YOU! 😉



ORRRRR maybe THIS one is my favorite ❗






 YOU BE BEAUTIFUL!!!! Oh yes you are 😀


 Mikey's favorite ❓


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. I've known Janine for a while now… you see, when I quit my job in graphic design four years ago, she's the one who filled the position.  BUT, we've only communicated by phone… UNTIL NOW!  It was so fun to jump out of my car and see her standing there… she was exactly as I had imagined! It was a crazy trip down memory lane reminiscing about all of our past design clients and coworkers. CRAZY! She has since quit that job (it was in Terre Haute) and moved to Indianapolis. 

She and Scott are such a great match 😀 Janine is full of personality and always says exactly what she's thinking (love it!) and Scott is a go-with-the-flow, laid back guy… and it works together perfectly!  AGAIN… personality traits that are quite like Mike and I's… 😀 So for you singletons out there looking for your soulmate… this formula works! 😀

Their wedding is in June… so, we'll see you then!


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


 Somehow throughout almost every shoot… my hair turns into a ducktail. NOT PRETTY!


 Anyone out there read It's a site dedicated to these crazy/weird/hilarious fixes of everyday items that just aren't working anymore. You MUST check it out! ANYWAY, when we came upon this during the session… Mike and I looked at each other and almost in sync said, "THERE, I FIXED IT!" And of course, he snapped a picture 😀 You see… that window in the drivers side has been busted open… so what a better way to fix it than with an umbrella! 😀

❗ + ❓