Meet Janaya and Billy… they’re sweet and cute. 🙂
They’re getting married in December of this year. 🙂ME LOVE SYMMETRY!Thanks you two for being down with my crazy ideas. 😀 Mike’s favorite ❓
Janaya is a dentist… hence her perfect smile. 😀I’m loving the black and whites from this session. 🙂Janaya, LOVE your boots!
Billy makes her so happy. 😀
Wacky Mike strikes again! 😉That image on the left? That’s my favorite! ❗

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Bloomington, Ind.

Wedding  ::  December 21, 2013  ::  Fort Wayne, Ind.  •  Together  ::  October, 2011  •  Engaged  ::  December 30, 2012

Janaya ::  Dentist  •  Hometown  •  Kendallville, Ind.  ::   five words  •  Um, well, she is nice, sweet, smart, cute, fun 

Billy  ::  Accountant  •  Hometown  •  Auburn, Ind.  ::   five words  •  witty, thoughtful, faithful, supportive, sweet

How they met, as told by Janaya ::  Our childhood friends and another couple came to Bloomington for an IU football game, making us the fifth and sixth wheel. We had a tailgate and went to the game. Later that night, we went out to a few bars and at one point while I was texting, Billy said “let’s play friendship, put your phone down.” We talked the rest of the evening.

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This image seriously cracks me up!  It may appeeeeear like I’m snapping her neck… and that I’ve hypnotized Billy to sleep… but I assure you that I’m making photo magic! See that image right above this one? Yep, MAGIC! 😉GET IT GIRRRRRRRL!

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Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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