We love Cincinnati! Mikey's favorite ❓






 My favorite!  ❗ Jamie, you have perfect lips… I'm so jealous!






































….and WORK IT OUT!









 Check out that greeeeeeeeeen!






And yes… ANOTHER favorite! ❗ You guys look like super models in this photo. HUBBA HUBBA!





CINCINNATI, Ohio. Right as the session started, Jamie started to get a little emotional.  Why?  Because she and Brian have been together for five years and have hardly any photos of them together.  So, needless to say… she was thrilled.

We LOOOOOOVE shooting in places we've never been before.  I know that sounds weird… but we're both so inspired when we walk into something and see it with fresh eyes.  We're ALWAYS looking for new locations to shoot… so, going to another city/state brings so much excitement to the world of our lenses.  Okay, that was uber cheesy… but, you know what I'm saying, right? (yes yes yes, I know we've been to Cincinnati.. but this was a new spot IN Cincinnati)

We cannot WAIT until your January wedding! 😀 SEEEE YOUUUUU THENNNNN!!!!!


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓