Jamie was SUCH a relaxed bride.





Champagne and makeup… 😀




Yes, that's whiteout 🙂 More about that later….






 Bobbi's favorite ❗


I LOVE MEN IN TUXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brian, you're so handsome!




Uhm…. I got into a bit of trouble taking this.  More about that later, too 🙂








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I'd love to see HIS photo 🙂


 GET IT GIRLS!!!!!!!!







Jamie was such an awesome bride… her number one concern was that everyone just had a great time and didn't have to worry about a thing 🙂 Jamie's dad was a wedding photographer for many many many years… and yep, you guessed it… Jamie was often the assistant, so she's seen her share of weddings 😀 Because she's been around weddings her whole life she knew how oftentimes being IN a wedding can be quite stressful. So, she brought everything RIGHT to them so that everything could go as smoothly as possible.  Not ONE thing was overlooked 🙂 All the bridal party had to do was show up… the rest was taken care of 😀 From the food to the drinks to the salon… it was all right there in that hotel room.  She kept saying, "I just want everyone to have a good time" Oh and GOOOD TIME they had!  Jamie, you rock.  

About that whiteout… someone gave her a hug with open lipliner…. Uhm… yes… it wasn't pretty.  Jamie handled it like a rockstar.  So, Jamie, along with a crafty bridesmaid and myself all went into the bathroom and started brainstorming about how to fix this… because it was NOT coming out with soap and water…. the spot just kept getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER.  I suggested chalk… hmmm… we don't have chalk…. then Jamie said, "what about whiteout?!" SOMEONE HAD IT!!!!!!!!!  Next thing you know that aforementioned crafty bridesmaid was whiting out her dress…. and let me tell you… it worked like a CHARM!!!!!!! You could rebottle some whiteout and get the Shamwow guy on TV to sell it for 30 bucks a bottle! 😀 HA!

Alright… NOW about me getting in a bit of trouble 🙂 SOOOO you see that I had them walk across that street with the stoplights in the background?  Well, no one was coming… as you can see there's NO traffic. So after I got the shot, we continued to set up our next shot on the sidewalk when an OLD school policeman came up to me, and in a scolding tone said, "Little lady, can I speak with you alone?!"

"YES SIR!" I responded.

"Now, I know you have to do what you have to do for a shot, but you need to think about what you're doing… you're putting everyone in danger!"


Seriously?! Whatever…. I assure you all… NO ONE was put in danger!  There was not ONE car coming.  One of the bridesmaid was a police officer and when I told her the story later… she just rolled her eyes… 😀 "Bobbi, you're fine… you didn't do anything wrong… just an old cop who's bored" ::WHEW::

Thank you guys for EVERYTHING!!!!!! 😀 


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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A big thanks to Jamie's dad for taking this one 🙂


 HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I'm in the next room when I hear all of the bridesmaids start CRACKING up… "BOBBI, GET IN HERE RIIIIIIIGHT NOW!!!!!!!" one of them yelled.  I come RUNNING… and what do I see?! My husband had just sat in a big ol' plate of cheese dip 🙂 So yes yes yes, I HAD to take a photo of his butt (oh the hardship!) 🙂 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!


NO idea what I was saying
here 😀 I'm so animated.



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