For those of you who have never seen this blog… I put myself on a weight loss challenge one month ago. I asked a people to join me… and MUCH to my surprise, SO many people jumped on the healthy train (I’m so dang cheesy!).

Every Friday since Jan 5, I’ve been reporting my weight loss. It’s been INCREDIBLE the amount of support that I’ve received. I didn’t want to let anyone down… ESPECIALLY myself.

This week, I was more motivated than ever. I OFFICIALLY started going to the gym, followed my diet and 🙁 No pounds lost. Now, you guys might remember my blog from last week stating that no pounds lost is no pounds gained. And yes… AAAAAAAMEN! However, I can TOTALLY understand it is a little bit of a bummer to dedicate yourself to something whole heartedly and not be able to report good news…. yeah yeah yeah, I know… practice what I preach…

Now, the drama queen that I am… I called Heather this morning in tears (GIVE ME A BREAK!) when she reminded me that I’ve started going to the gym, I’m probably retaining a bit of water and building muscle so she suggested to take my measurements… OH! What a great idea! Last time I did was on Jan 5th. So… I did it. ANNNNNNNNNNNND… DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!! I’ve lost SEVEN INCHES!!!!!



In case you’re wondering… in the picture, that’s a Pantone swatch book which is VERY helpful to a graphic designer (and conveniently for me… about 7 inches). My signature is on it because they’re sorta expensive and when I was working in marketing… I was one of the few to have one (OOH LA LA!). I would OFTEN find it randomly on someone else’s desk. What can I say… I’m an only child and I don’t share well. 🙂






ANWAYS… I think that’s GREAT success for a little less than a month worth of working at it. Nine pounds and seven inches GONE! 😀 By the way… that seven inches is off my waist, hips, one thigh, one arm and my bust. So after my drama queen tears this morning… I was back to feeling good about myself. Poor Mikey is dealing with a ROLLER coaster of a wife. (I think I’m going to report my inches lost at the end of every month… if anyone else wants to do that, I 100% encourage it!)

Another factor for this weeks lack of success… I didn’t eat as much. Now, you might be asking, “Well, if you didn’t eat as much… how did you not lose weight!?” For some reason I thought it would be smart to skip what is supposed to be my afternoon snack and after dinner snack… thinking it would help. NO SIRREE! Your body needs food all day so that it continually is burning calories rather than holding on to them thinking that it’s hungry… (at least that’s what Mike told me)… So, this week was QUITE the eye opener! So all of you peeps out there on this healthy train with us, PLEASE keep that in mind! TOOT TOOT!!!

Alright… now back to Heather. We started this weight loss thing on our blogs within three days of each other. So… we’ve BOTH been putting our weight loss on our blogs since Jan 12th. We’ve lost nearly the exact same as each other each week…. and this week… we’re the same… ZERO pounds lost. Weird, huh? She did however report her inches lost… YOU READY FOR THIS?! 12 INCHES!!!!! 😀 YEAHHH!!! This is EXACTLY what we both needed to realize that you’re not going to lose 3 lbs every week… a bit of a reality check. So, go over to her blog and leave some love. 🙂

So, there you have it…

Now onto our total weight loss 😀

Bobbi Heather Cole Katie Baker Amanda F
Giovanna Mandel Jill Amanda W. Mrs. Fun
April Lacey Dawn Momba
Lisa Roah Brooke Brand Andie Joy
Jill P. Brynne Jenny Grise Steph
Cheryl Faye Sommer Mandy A. Bobbie
Lauren Joleen Tori Clements Lisa D.
Danialle Jay SEXY MIKEY! Molly Bennett











The TOTAL weight loss to date for all 34 of us… 130.9 LBS!!!! 😀


Again, like last week… that’s based on what I knew of your weight loss based on last weeks comments. SO, I’ll be updating that number all day. 102 POUNDS BABY! I also removed seven names. because they haven’t reported their loss in two weeks 🙂 But We also added seven NEW names! 😀

I cannot believe how many people are still with us… 🙂 I can’t thank you guys enough… you REALLY have NO idea how much I appreciate you sticking with me… 🙂

LOVE YOU GUYS and thanks again for EVERYTHING!

Looking forward to next Friday! (only 11 pounds left to lose to go to WPPI in Vegas on March 16, SO GET ON IT GIRL!)

~bobbi+ ❗ +