I’m back after one of the absolute BEST trips to K.C. EVER! 😀

While there I visited my Aunt Karen, G-Mom, cousin Brittany and (DUH) best friend Corrie.

Last night, on the way home from the airport Mom, Mike and I went for pizza and then back to her place to celebrate Christmas. It was perfect. 🙂 Mom, AS ALWAYS, went way above and beyond for us. 😀 For my mom’s Christmas gift… we bought her a Mac Mini 🙂 (Her old computer was SEVEN years old…) She needed to be able to see our blog more easily 😀 (she’s SUCH a faithful blog reader!!!) And by the way, to ANYONE who’s interested in switching to Mac… you can buy the Mac Mini for $600! Oh… and they’re FABULOUS!!!!!

And now… we’re in Fort Wayne with Mikey’s family for Christmas 🙂 I love this family and can’t WAIT until tomorrow! AHHHHH… I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! This is the first Christmas since we’ve been married that I was able to see both families (we usually alternate every other Christmas). 😀 This year I just HAD to visit KC.

People often ask me what brought me here to Indiana. Sometime this winter I’ll explain… (hey, I’ve gotta update the blog with SOMEthing during the slow season! 😀 )


I’ll try to write more tomorrow… Oh, and be on the look out for our Christmas card (a few days late… EEKS!)

~bobbi+ ❗


PS. I used the biggie camera to take the above shot. To get the proper exposure I had to keep the shutter open for half a second @ f 1.4… you should have seen me steadying my 5D on my shoulder so that the photo wasn’t fuzzy… Sometimes I’m SO awkward! I think that shot was taken at 30,000 feet… luckily it was a VERY clear night. 😀