Since we got married in 2003… I’ve gained a LOT of weight. Most of that weight came after we started the business… with being so incredibly busy, the lbs just kept on coming. As most of you have noticed, I’ve spent SO much of 2007 sick (more than I’ve EVER been sick in the past) and I think that’s a result of poor diet, no sleep, stress, lack of exercise, etc…. I’d REALLY like to change that!

SOOOOO… I’m going on a diet starting when I wake up tomorrow. I’m going to start going to the gym. I’m going to start eating healthy. I’m going to change my life. I’ve never been one to have New Year’s Resolutions… and this certainly isn’t one. It just happens to be the time when things start to slow down a bit for us so that I can get a handle on my health.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I need your support. I need to be held accountable. I’m going to tell you guys every Friday how much I’ve lost. If any of you want to join me, you’re welcome to comment how much you lose. It’ll be fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ Right?

I’ve set some short term timeline goals for myself to keep me motivated. If I don’t lose x amount of lbs before the WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) Convention in Las Vegas (March 16-20)… I’m not allowed to go.

I’m so nervous… I don’t want to fail. Any of you guys with me?

I knew that the moment I told all of our blogreaders about this diet… that I’d REALLY have to start. SOOO…. here I GO! ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks in advance for all of your support. AHHHH I’M NERVOUS!!!!

Love to you all….

~ โ— +