Here it is… the last  of the Spring workshop sessions… and I can’t tell a lie… we went out with a bang!
01_bobbimike_htew14We absolutely adore this duo!
04_bobbimike_htew14…they also happen to be PERFECT for each other…
02_bobbimike_htew14Holly mentioned to me that Tim looked like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast (but without the narcissism)… I’d call that an accurate statement!10_bobbimike_htew14REALLY?! Two perfectly timed bicyclists just HAPPENED to stroll on be RIGHT at the perfect time?! AHHH! I’M IN LOVE! My favorite ❗
03_bobbimike_htew1406_bobbimike_htew14HOLLY! YOU! ARE! BEAUTIFUL!!!!07_bobbimike_htew14This patch of land was nothing but clovers… as in… I don’t think there’s ANY grass in this field… as in… I LOVE IT!08_bobbimike_htew14WEEEEE!09_bobbimike_htew14Oh? Did I mention that the original workshop models that we had lined up canceled last minute and these two came in for the win? And did I mention that they had JUST gotten engaged like three-ish days before this session?! 05_bobbimike_htew14Wow. WOW! ammiright?! WOWWW!

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Indianapolis, Ind.

Together  ::  2.24.12  •  Engaged  ::  4.22.14  •  Wedding  ::  4.11.15

Holly ::  Cytotechnologist  •  Hometown  ::  Noblesville, Ind.  •   five words  ::  Forgiving, intelluptous (intelligent plus voluptuous, of course), creative, caring, fiercly-cuddly

Tim  ::  Global Site Coordinator  •  Hometown  ::  Valparaiso, Ind  •   five words  ::  Passionate, talented, so-silly, handsome, home

How they met  ::  Holly would always see Tim socializing in the hallway at work, and thought he was the hottest guy ever, but was too shy to talk to him. Then one day, when Tim thought Holly was lookin’ fine in her scrubs, he introduced himself to her. They realized they had some close mutual friends in common, but had never met until now. Eventually, they started having lunch in the break room together and even went to a karaoke bar on their first real date, where Tim awesomely sang (and danced!) all of N’SYNC’s “Bye, bye, bye”. And they lived happily ever after.


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Some people are just naturally bendy… We learned that Tim was one of the chosen few… then Mike did the secret hand shake to communicate to Tim that he too was one in the bendy club. I tell you… these two should be BFFs.
12_bobbimike_htew1413_bobbimike_htew14Hail hail! Here we are! 😀14_bobbimike_htew14

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Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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