Yes yes yes…. what many of you have been waiting for…. our AMAAAAAZING couple that got married in Mexico 🙂 Mikey's favorite ❓


This was taken in front of a school 🙂 We happened to peek in and see a bunch of little girls in gym class doing arm circles… it was SO STINKIN' cute!!!!!! (I realize that without a visual, it doesn't seem very cute, but I assure you… it was!)


$10 iTunes gift card if you can name the album art that this was inspired by.  If I've told you (or if you saw it on Facebook) then you're exempt… 😀 Too bad so sad for you 🙁 PS. Hands down… My FAAAAAAAAVORITE! ❗




 Puerto Vallarta is such a colorful place 🙂







 Heather, you're stunning.


This one makes me want to snuggle 🙂 (and I'm ALWAYS looking for an excuse for that!)





 Hello mop!




 Brian bought her these shoes…. Yeah, what good taste he has!!!!!




 I so love everything about this photo…. see the taxi driver looking over at them like… "WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING?!" Then the two people in the background who appear to be trying to get out of the way… but the BEST part about this photo?! The hotness that's in the bottom right 🙂


PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO So a couple of days before Heather and Brians wedding, we explored downtown Puerto Vallarta to grab some fun engagement photos.  I just want to say that of all of the places we've visited…. we've never felt so safe as a tourist. 🙂 It's such an incredible place with amazing colors, culture and character.  AHHHHH I WANT TO GO BACK!!!!!

I remember at one point Heather said to us, "we're having such a great time… it's just so romantic and sweet to be able to spend this time with Brian" I'm DEFINITELY paraphrasing that as she said it much more eloquently… but whatever… you get the idea 🙂 That's the best compliment ever 😀 CHECK AND MARK!

More of these two coming VERY SOOOOON!!! 🙂


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓




 New blog header? Yes!  "Heroes in a half-shell… Turtle power!"


And an action shot of Brian… and his resulting photo 😀


❗ + ❓