I lost THREEEEE pounds this week! 😀 YIPPADOOOO!!!!!! That puts my TOTAL weight loss to 11 lbs. YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the update on YOU guys 😀 (Updated at 10:50 am on 12.14)


Everyone who's weighed in for this week (19 people)… TOTAL weight loss for this group: -100 lbs exactly!

Alyssa (Hybrid Photography)
Amanda Abel
Amber (Smitten Photos)
Courtney Reece
David (SD Ohana)
Gena Sue
Jessica (lemongrass Photo)
Jessica P.
Kathy T.
Kim Ilax
Kimi (SD Ohana)
Laura (Simply You Photos)
Marcia Tumminaro
Melissa McClure
Nicole Neff


Here's the list of people who weighed in last week…

Brooke J.
Cathy Bock
Chrissie (C. Raysor Photo)
Christie (jlm creative)
Clary (Clary Photo)
David Bock
Diane (Memorable Instants)
Jennifer Adkins
Jennifer L
Jill S. (Flair Photography by Jill)
Kyle Hepp
Laura S.
Leah Mullett
Michelle Ross
Mindy Peterson
Tracy S.


These seven just joined, WELCOME!

Becka Knight
Camille (SCB Photography)
Giovanna Mandel
Tracy S.


I have this feeling that somehow I've left some names off the list of people who have reported their loss… so if I missed your name, please let me know 🙂


And as always, a post without a picture… unacceptable.

Too bad I have ZERO ideas…


How about my 1st grade photo? Lame? Maybe… at least it's something 🙂


Isn't it funny how I look EXACTLY the same as that now… just bigger (with red hair). It's like that with baby photos of me, too…. I never really change that much, I just get older. And by the way… don't be mad at me for putting all of my hair on one side… it made me feel pretty… even if it was long and nappy 😉


Okay, I clearly don't have enough updaters up there… so, time to get on it!

Love, bobbi ❗

PS. A quick update re: my Invisaligns.  I hardly notice they're there anymore… it's a NIGHT and DAY difference from a week ago… I can ALREADY see a difference in the straightness of my teeth.

PPS. As always, you can join anytime… just add your name in the comment section 😀