Me… I'm still holding steady at my weight… growing a weeeeee bit frustrated…. but… all I can do is soldier on 🙂 For those who have been following my twitter/facebook updates, you KNOW I'm working out… 🙂 (thank you Mike for our 24 mile bicycle ride, WOW!) I may not be eating enough though.  Oh, and I've been under a LOT of stress lately… and from what I understand… the hormones that are produced while under stress cause you to gain/hold on to weight. So.. whatever… at least I'm not gaining weight. 😀 Time to kick this into the next gear.  I'm going to work out more and keep a food log.  Now that our season is winding down… hopefully the stress winds down, too 🙂

How about YOU guys?! How are YOUUUUU all doing????



~bobbi ❗