OOOOOOOKAYYYYYYY….. So, again, I didn't lose anything.  BUT… I'm working my rear end off (literally, HA!) at the gym and eating OH SO well (minus the ridiculously amazing sandwich and Poptart I had yesterday with robbie and lauren. SHHH!!!) so I decided to take some updated measurements (I was getting QUITE depressed with the lack of lbs coming off).  Uhm…. it's a bit shocking 😀

Inches lost since October 4th:

Upper arm: -0.5

Chest: -0.75

Waist: -2.25!

Hips: -1 (they don't lie 😉 )

Thigh: -2.5!!!!!! 😀

That's a total of 7 inches… SEVEN INCHES!!!!!! 

Everyone who sees me in person says they can see a difference… though, they might be looking for it as I've made my goals pretty dang public 😉 Most say they notice it really in my legs.  I'm not mad about that! My jeans are definitely fitting a bit looser.  I'm sorry I'm OH SO SEXY! 😉

I can really tell that I'm getting stronger very quickly.  After talking to a few people, I guess they call that muscle memory… the army muscles I had 8 years ago are coming back.  Mike is shocked… he keeps saying, "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOUR ARMS ARE THAT STRONG AFTER ONLY A MONTH AT THE GYM!"  And my response… "ME NEITHER!!!!!"  I'm wondering if that's the reason the lbs aren't coming off… I think I'm essentially losing the fat and replacing it with muscle.

I would like to talk a little bit further about the "quite depressed" statement I made earlier.  I'm telling you all this because I tend to only talk about the positive things on my blog and avoid the negative.  But, I know that I have so many of you on this healthy train with me who are probably going through the same roller coaster of emotions that I am (and, as you already know, I'm a bit of a drama queen).

On Tuesday morning I weighed myself for the first time in over a week and NADA… ZERO… ZILCH… I began to cry (as in sobbing).  My poor husband had to help me cope…. and he's the best.  

Weightloss is such a tricky thing… and very difficult both physically and emotionally.  But, I'm REEEEEALLY trying to stay positive… and having YOU guys, our blog readers, supporting and encouraging me has been so incredibly helpful (although quite a lot of pressure knowing that the whole world will know of a potential failure… okay, maybe not the whole world, but you get the idea 😀 ).  So, as always… thank you.

ALRIGHT ALREADY… Enough about me… let's talk about YOU!!!!!


We've had 16 people weigh in since yesterday 🙂  Out of those 16… we've lost a total of 70.1 lbs. YEAHHHH!!!!!  

Alyssa (Hybrid Photography)
Anne Ruthmann
Elle M.
Jessica (lemongrass Photo)
Jill S. (Flair Photography by Jill)
Kathy T.
Katie Baker
Kim Ilax
Kyle Hepp
Laura (Simply You Photos)
Marcia Tumminaro
Melissa D
Mike (bobbi+mike)
Tori Clements

Haven't heard from yet: 😉

Adrienne (CScott Photography) 
Amanda Abel
Amber (Smitten Photos)
Amy Clark
Angie (Angela Elle Photography)
Anna McClary
Annie (Varland Photography)
Ashley (Point Photo Design)
Blair Van Bussel
Brandi Thompson
Brooke J.
Cathy Bock
Chris (CScott Photography)
Chrissie (C. Raysor Photo)
Christie (jlm creative)
Courtney Reece
Dana (Short And Sweet Photo)
David (SD Ohana)
David Bock
Erich M.
Faye Sommer
Ginger Ivey
Heather Cole
Jennifer Adkins
Jennifer L
Jessica P.
Jill P.
Josh Solar
Kate M.
Kimi (SD Ohana)
Lauri (Lalee Photo)
Lisa Russo
Marcie M.
Melissa McClure
Molly (AV)
Monica N
Nicole Neff
Nikki (Sam and Nik)
Olivia Wagner
Penny Burns


HMMMMMMMM… a post without a photo… NO WAY!!!!!! Let me think about this….

I KNOW! (and this has NOTHING to do with weight loss… just a trip down memory lane)

As I've mentioned already… I spent the last few days at lauren and robbie's house (they live in Dayton, Ohio). As I was blow drying my hair (it's longer than they've ever seen it) Lauren, who's standing right behind me says, "your hair is SO thick!" Afterall, having the shorter hair sort of has been masking the thickness.  I immediately had a memory of my senior year yearbook pose.  MY HAIR DIDN'T FIT IN THE FRAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now, what's funny is that I spent two hours trying to smooth it all down. GAHHHH!!!!!!!  You should have seen it when I DIDN'T spend two hours fixing it. HUUUUUGE!  Can we say thank God for the invention of the ponytail!?  My mom said that as I was growing up my hair didn't grow long… it grew out. 

I promised l&r that I would show them… so, why not show the rest of you, too 😀



There I am near the bottom right.  Notice anyone else familiar near the bottom?





A better view.  Yes, I was THAT over the top with school spirit that I'm wearing a custom necklace with purple and gold beads (our school colors).  I was proudly voted "Most School Spirited" 🙂 GAG ME!




ALLLLLRIGHT… enough about that…

HOW DID YOU GUYS DO?! I can't wait to hear!!!!!! 😀


~bobbi ❗

PS. You can join anytime, just add your name in the comment section.  Also… be sure to always use the comment section to "weigh in." Text messages, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and emails are a lot to keep track of… so if they're all in one place it makes it MUCH easier for me.