So, to be COMPLETELY honest with you all… these past five weeks, I've been so ridiculously busy that I haven't made working out and eating SUPER healthy a priority.  That doesn't mean I've given up… it just means that I'm not going AS crazy with it.  I did manage to lose 3.6 pounds. 😀 TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: -34 pounds* 😀 YEAHYEAHYEAH!!!!!

*since I've been doing this healthy train for so long… from now on, I'm going to go with my total weight loss since the VERY beginning of Healthy Train, version one.  K? K. Hey, it's my train… and I make the rules! 😉


You may be wondering why I'm standing on that ottoman. 🙂 Well… you need not wonder any longer… I'm going to tell you 😀 That ottoman weighs 33 pounds, PRETTY close to the amount of weight that I've lost 🙂 Crazy, huh!?


For those of you who follow me on twitter… you know that I went to go try on my wedding dress this morning… as I'm about 3.5 pounds from the same weight I was when I got married 😀 WELLLLL… who knew that 3.5 pounds on a 5'2" frame was THAT big of a deal… the dress zipped (victory!) but… was QUITE tight.  SO, that's my goal for the next weigh in… to FIT into THAT dress!  

Next weigh in… July 31st.  We're doing a LOT of traveling between now and then so here's hoping that I can lose it!  For my sanity, I'm not going to set my goals TOO high as being this busy and planning meals/workout times REALLY adds to my stress/anxiety levels.  SO, goal for next weigh in: -5 pounds. 😀 I CAN DOOOOO IT!!!!

Man oh man, I'm so proud of all of us, aren't you?! Losing weight, and sticking with it THIS long is NO easy task… so big ol' props to us!

So, tell me… how did YOU do?! What are YOUR goals for the next six weeks?! YEAHHHH!

Much love to all of you… and thank you thank you THANK YOU for standing beside me and cheering me on!  Our blog readers ROCK! 😀

~bobbi ❗