Maybe you remembered, maybe you didn't…. but the TIME has come for my weight loss report 🙂 Now you all know that this weight has not come off quickly… and it's been VERY hard for me emotionally.  It doesn't help that I'm SUCH a drama queen either!  But as cliche as it sounds… slow and steady wins the race! 🙂 Okay, that was dumb…. but whatever, you get it.  

TOTAL weight loss over the last 31 weeks:  23.6 pounds

TOTAL weight loss since the first healthy train:  30 POUNDS BABY!!!!!

OOOOKAY… I'm going to show you photos that are REALLY hard for me to post… but whatever, I've come quite far… As a matter of fact, I haven't even LOOKED at these photos since Mike took them back in October… they were just WAY too hard for me to look at…

Many of you would say, "I WISH YOU'D TAKEN PHOTOS FROM THE SIDE!!! THAT WOULD REEEEEALLY SHOW YOUR WEIGHT LOSS!" Well, I've been not responding to those because I have been all along… but uhm… it's ONE thing to show you me from the front… but COME ON… from the back and side?! Now THAT's tough!  

For those of you who know me and have met me personally… you may have noticed that I have quite the double chin… I'm SUPER paranoid about it… and to be honest, THAT'S the reason I don't allow anyone to photograph me. 🙂 Because I KNOW that someone is going to want to photograph me from the side. 🙂 I'm pretty good at posing myself so that no one ever sees it… UNTIL NOW 😀 

SOOOO…. here are some FOR REAL before and afters!!!!! Jeezelouise I can't believe I'm SHOWING you these!!!! Talk about feeling vulnerable… WOWZAS!


Uhm… you can even tell NOW by the way that I'm standing that I'm completely insecure getting my photo taken from the side.  WHATEVER!  Check out my belly! MY LEGS! Even my chin has gotten smaller!!!!!


HOLY COWABUNGA>.. I CANNOT BELIEVE I'M SHOWING YOU THESE!!!! My arms are still quite chubby…  Man oh man, I had some serious backfat and love handles goin' on!!!! PS. don't mind my TAG sticking out!


And FINALLY… 🙂 All of that Pilates is beginning to straighten me out.  See how crookedly I'm standing in the photo on the left? Still a bit on the right, too… but not NEARLY as bad.  


What a DIFFERENCE 26 pounds makes!!!!!! By the way… HELLOOOO LAST NOTCH IN THE BELT!!!! If you look above, you'll see that pink flower was in the center of the buckle.  Yeah, that makes me feel good!


So, how did you guys do?! By the way, I'm going to quit making the list… it was getting to be quite the job to keep up with it (and we're getting busier by the second). So if you want to know how your friends are doing, just check it out in the comment secton 😀 …sorry about that 🙁 HOWEVER< please feel free to join anytime… we'd LOVE to have you on!

NEXT WEIGH IN: JUNE 19!!!!! My goal: -4 pounds. 😀

~ bobbi ❗