chooo CHOOOO!!!!!!

How did you guys do???? 😀

Me? I lost .6 pounds 😀 Better than a gain of .6 so whatever… I'll take it 😀 Total weight loss is 3.6 pounds for the last 3 weeks.  I didn't work out as much as I should have because I was a wee bit sick… and then traveled again.  Not making excuses… just telling you what happened.  Bleh… 🙂

I've been watching The Biggest Loser lately…. and if you're on the Healthy Train and aren't watching it… I HIGHLY suggest you start! On Tuesday, I got all caught up by watching the episodes that I'd missed on  You know, when I see those guys push push pushing themselves it motivates the poopy out of me… you know… if they can do it, why the hell can't we?!

I've also been reading on twitter and facebook that MANY of you are SOOO nervous about going to a gym… they feel embarrassed… and fat… and like they don't belong there. I 1000000% get that…. when I first started going, I had my heart rate up ridiculously high before I'd even step FOOT in the place!  HELLOOOOO ANXIETY ATTACK!!!!!! So, then I started noticing that after I'd been going for a while and started getting more comfortable with it… and stopped only thinking about how ridiculous I looked… I looked around… and not only did I see a bunch of VERY fit people… but I also saw people who weren't in the best of shape… people who weren't in a healthy place in their lives… people who may have needed to be there because their lives depended on it… and it's THOSE guys who keep me motivated to keep trying.  It's THOSE guys who I want to give a high five to… it's THOSE guys who push me to not give up.  So, if you're in that position… where you feel like you're not healthy enough to go to a gym… Au contraire!  Just know that there are SO many people there who see you working your ass off and want to give you a high five! I'm not sure if any of that makes sense… Hope it does.

Oh, and speaking of Biggest Loser… I bought a BodyBugg… should get here next week.  What's a BodyBugg you ask? It's a device that "uses specialized sensors to monitor calories burned with over 90% accuracy" They wear them on that show… so, I'll let you know how that goes. 🙂

Okay, now on to you… Remember last week when I was shocked that there were 80+ before photos sent in? Well… throughout the rest of the day… we received even more… the NEW total of people competing on this healthy train? 112. ONE HUNDRED AND TWELVE!!!! AYKM AYKM AYKM???!??!!? 

As you all report your weight loss… just tell me in percentage of body weight lost… And if you don't know how to figure that… I'm going to tell you now 😀 Oh, and I want your TOTAL loss since the VERY beginning 😀 

Your weight lost ÷ your starting weight × 100 = % of weight lost

Let's pretend that you were 200 pounds, and you you'd lost 5 pounds… that would be: 

5 ÷ 200 = .025 × 100 = 2.5% 

Make sense?  If it doesn't… email me your numbers and I'll walk you through it 😀

I'd tell you all my percentage lost… but that would give away my weight as I've already told you my pounds lost…. OOOOOOPS!!!! I'm a pretty open person… but sharing my weight with the world isn't something I'm 100% comfortable with 🙂

Make sure that you ALLLLLLL report it down there in the comment section, k? Just like last time… it's too hard for me to keep track of it on Facebook, comments, twitter, email, etc etc etc… so, if all of the info is in one place… I'll be able to keep up with it better 🙂 Thanks guys!

ANNNNNNND Here is the list of EVERY single person who sent in a before photo…

Abra Morris
Alison Douglas
Alyssa Lang
Alyssa Sparks
Amanda Fales
Amanda Overmyer
Amber Lee
Amber Russell
Amber Vongsamphanh
Amy Genao
Amy Hathcock
Amy in Milwaukee
Amy Singleton
Andy Shaw
Angel Canary
Angela Davis
Angi Davis
Annie Varland
April Foster
Ashly Turner
Beto Moreno
Blair VanBussel
Bobbi Sheridan
Brian White
Brooke Welti
Caitlin Finn
Casey Chappell
Catie Ronquillo
Celine Combes
Chris Rivera
Cindy Corstange
Cindy Mills
Cybil New
Dan Schimpf
Dane Benton
Danielle Imhoff
David Baxter
Eddie Rodriguez
Elisabeth Jaquish-Galocy
Elissa Russell
Eloisa Mardueno
Emily Villareal
Emma Smallbone
Grant Isaac
Heather McCullah
Heidi Bartlett
Jaimie Zibrowski
Jen Dery
Jen Wilczynski
Jennifer Creed
Jessica Grieves
Jessica Parkison
Jessica Seamon
Jessica Weaver
Jill Schaefer
Jodi Pfunder
Jon Belschner
Joy Leiker
Julie Hewitt-Toohill
Kalli Herr
Karen Karki
Karen Sutton
Kat Braz
Kathryn Pierce
Katie Stasiak
Katie Wendel
Kelly Heasley
Kenny Harrison
Kevin Hebert
Kim Ilax
Kimmi Baxter
Kristen Becker
Kylene Gay
Lacey Buchorn
Laura Stoller
Leah Stafford
Leanne Stamatellos
Lindsay Hall
Lindsay Tague
Lindsey Lingenfelter
Lindsey Moreno
Lisa Rice
Lisa Scherer
Lori Thompson
Marisa Coccaro
Marissa Rodriquez
Melissa Dilling
Melissa Morris
Melissa Smith
Meredith Johns
Michelle Crabs
Michelle Schwartz
Mike Belschner
Nancy Hermann
Natalie Himebaugh
Nichole Harrison
Nicole Green
Nicole Miller
Nicole Neff
Rachel Fishback
Rachel Nielsen
Rychelle Tomlin
Sara Helman
Sara Zeiger
Sarah Bowren
Sonia Gawel
Steph Schwartz
Stephanie Homburg
Susie Davis
Tara Schields
Tobias Varland
Tracey Heppner
Tracy from Canada
Wade Carignan

Now how's THAT for accountability!? YEAHHHH! (if for some reason you sent in your photo and your name isn't on this list, let me know right away!) 

Next weigh in is on October 23rd… 😀

I'm SOOO incredibly excited and proud 🙂 Let's kick this fat in the ass! 😉


~bobbi ❗

PS. remember if you twitter about the healthy train to be sure to add the #healthytrain hash tag.  Also, don't forget about our healthy train group on Facebook 🙂