I'm running out the door for my first haircut in SIX months, oh yes… SIXXXX MONTHS!!!! eeeks. Anyway, I just wanted to put a quick note up here before I left to say that I haven't forgotten about you and I'll write more when I get back.  Someone last night already sent in their "after" photo and I'm BLOWN away by it. I mean… BLOWN away.  I canNOT wait for you guys to see… 

Also, though this is the end of this segment of the healthy train, would you guys like for me to continue the healthy train blogging? I know I haven't been writing as much as I should in the last few months… and quit posting photos of my progress (I'll explain why when I get back)… so maybe it's not as exciting to see?  Maybe another contest like this one in six months???  Any other suggestions? Just let me know your thoughts.  I have my own ideas but would love your feedback. 🙂

Okay, off to turn this triangle that's on top of my head into some sleek beautiful tresses. 😉 Be back lata!

~bobbi ❗

PS. though I haven't fully written this blog entry… for you healthy trainees, START WEIGHING IN!!!!! (No worries, don't need your "after photo" quite yet… we just have an over achiever that I already mentioned 🙂 ) Would LOVE to know how you did.  Remember, I need percentage lost.  Here's a quick reminder on how to figure out your percentage lost… it's SUPER easy:

EXAMPLE:  Your starting weight was 200 lbs… and you've lost 20 (making you 180)

Take the amount of weight you've lost and divide it by your starting weight:  20 ÷ 200 = .1

Take that total and multiply it by 100: .1  x 100 = 10

Add a percentage sign and BADABOOM BADABING… you're DONE:  10%!!!! 

Got it?  GOOD! 😀

~ ❗



 OKAY, I'm back…

 … and with with sleek beautiful tresses, I might add. 😉

Sooo… I don't even know where to begin. HMMM…

Losing weight has given me more confidence than I ever imagined. However, getting there has been a much more difficult journey than originally anticipated… and I'm still far from my goal. So, now it's time for full disclosure blog entry, so I won't even be 1% mad if you don't read it… it's a whooooole lot… 

I started the ORIGINAL healthy train in January 2008… by June 2009… I had lost 37 lbs. Yes.. THIRTY SEVEN POUNDS! I'm 5'2… I looked like a completely different person! I walked differently, I talked differently, I dressed differently, I was a better wife, I was a more involved friend, I even think I became a better photographer.  I know some of this sounds ridiculous but, I'm telling you… confidence and self esteem are crazy things and affect more parts of our lives than we realize.

Thennnn the craziness of our business happened… I had full intentions of maintaining that summer and would start again with the weight loss when things died down in November.  Well… I maintained until July… THEN THE TRAVELING HIT! (We slept in our bed only 6 nights in July… yeah, THAT much traveling) As I've mentioned on this blog one zillion times, traveling and I are NOT friends when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. I struggle… and I struggle HUGELY.

So anyway… by October… OHHHH I can't believe I'm admitting this here… I gained back… AHHHHHH…. 🙁 🙁 🙁 17 lbs. SEVENTEEN POUNDS!!!!! How do you gain SEVENTEEN pounds in FOUR months???? (MAN OH MAN admitting this here is REALLY hard for me).  I got really depressed.  People, after seeing my healthy train blog would say when they saw me, "Bobbi, you look great!" When really… I was SURE that they only reason they were saying that was through the power of suggestion.  I would always respond with something like, "Oh, I've gained a few back… but thanks anyway!"

Holy katz… I knew something neeeeeded to happen…. that month, I started up the healthy train on this blog again hoping it would help keep me accountable and maybe motivate a few people along the way.  I asked all of you to send in before photos and to get off our asses to MAKE IT HAPPEN 🙂 Oh the stories I read… wow. You guys are an incredible group of people… I was so inspired and full of hope.  

Somehow… I was eating the same way I was back when I'd lost all of the weight I did the first time… working out… feeling good about my push.  Then I weighed myself. -0.2 lost. Oh well.. maybe I'm retaining water this week. Weigh again in a week. 0 lost. EFFF! Maybe I need to poop… next week… -0.4. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! (ps. I can't believe I just talked about poop on my blog… but I'm just being honest here 🙂 You guys KNOW you think about that when you weigh yourself in the morning!!!!) So… in 3 weeks I'd lost -0.6 lbs. EFFFFF!!!!!!

I kept on… however, yes yes yes… motivation was waning. I was still trying… just not trying hard enough. So, in all of my trying… I maintained. Which I guess is better than gaining, but… still not a success. I tried to remain upbeat and excited in my blog entries but deep down I was just majorly bummed out. Then, after a while, I'd just forget to blog about it at all.  AYKM?! How does one FORGET?! Who knows… but, I did. It just became harder and harder for me to admit, week after week, that I wasn't losing. Admitting failure publicly is a whole lot easier said then done… especially when I was barely trying.  Ugh… 

Then I realized… it's not about me.  I had so many of you out there looking to me for motivation and accountability.  You had set a goal, took a bit ol' bite of humble pie and emailed me a photo of yourself… a photo of you where you didn't feel beautiful… and with many photos… your stories. Many of you had hit that wall… the wall I hit when I VERRRRY first started this train… and you knew that tomorrow was going to be different, that that photo you were sending was the worse you'll ever look and that it's completely okay to send it to a near stranger because the next time you send that stranger a photo… you'd be a different, more confident person.

So, I missed a few healthy train blog entries… and with that… many of you quit "weighing in". We went from getting 50-80 of you weighing in to about 15-30. OHHH how I feel like I've let you down.  I feel a lot of guilt…. and I'm so incredibly sorry. I won't let it happen again.

A few of you, however, kept on pushing pushing PUSHING… and I COULD NOT BE MORE PROUD!  Last I checked, two men have lost over 20% of their body weight. YES… you heard me right… TWENTY PERCENT!  I just read a blog comment from a woman who's lost 15%.  I just don't know what to say to that… I'm genuinely speechless.

Where does the healthy train stand now? I'm not really sure. I still have weight to lose. I'd LOVE to do another contest as I know many of you have hit that aforementioned wall and are ready to jump aboard. CHOOO CHOOOO!!!! However, I'm the queen of having too many irons in the fire and thinking that I can take on any big project then only realizing that I'm only able to give that project 10% of myself, and that's not fair to you. 

HOWEVERRRR… a few of you have emailed and said that they wouldn't have started the healthy lifestyle without my extra push.  Do you have ANY idea how amazing of a feeling that is?!  That this little blog was the little bit o
f extra motivation needed for someone who was morbidly obese to finally do something about it for his family?

So yeah, I feel a responsibility to keep on keepin' on.  This healthy train is so much bigger than me. It's taken on a life of its own… and I couldn't be more proud of you all. SHEEEEESH… now I'm crying. PULL IT TOGETHER BOBBI…you still have more to write!

OOOOKAY…. back to my weight loss journey 🙂 Some time in January… I hit that wall again.. I'd been maintaining since November and it was TIME to start loving myself again.  Since then, I've lost about 9 lbs.  That makes me only 7 lbs more than my low point… and makes my total weight loss 29 lbs. I feel good about that. 🙂 For the first time since gaining back all that weight, when someone compliments my weight loss I say, "thank you" rather than my usual "ohhh… I've gained back weight, but thank you" So, yay.

On that note, I do have to say… I'm good at posing in photos… and feel silly when people see me in person after only knowing me online… So, don't be shocked when you see a short, chubbyish red head with a big ol' smile coming your way.

HOOOOLY SHIZZZZ… that's a whole lotta words up there.. and wow to you if you actually read it all. I owe you a hug. 🙂

If any of you have anything you'd like to say, please feel 10000000% comfortable saying it down there in the comment section. Remember, when you're with me, you're in the JUDGMENT FREE ZONE!!!! Also, I welcome any feedback or thoughts on the continuation of the train.



ANNNNNNNNNND that leads me to this: HOW'D YOU GUYS DO??!?! Time to start taking that "after" photo! Even if you don't think you won… send it! I'd LOOOOOOVE to see it, I'm sure lots of people would love to see your progress.  You'd be AMAZED at what seeing someone elses "after" photo will do for their motivation!  FURTHERMORE… even if you've "only lost 10 lbs"… TAKE IT… because seeing the difference is a BIG damn deal (TRUST me!).  You'll be amazed, I promise. 🙂


Here's my original "before and after". Between the photo on the left (October, 2008) and the one on the right (May, 2009) there's a 26 lb difference. (I'm only about 3 lbs more now than I was then… YAYYY!)




Healthy train competitors: to qualify to win… I need a new "after photo" along with a percentage lost… (See wayyyy above for info on how to calculate that).  Like I said, even if you don't think you won… SEND IT IN!!!!! Then, and ONLY with your permission, I'll post that photo here so that our blog readers can give you a BIG OL' pat on the back!  I'll need those NO LATER THAN Wednesday! I'll announce the winner on FRIIIIIIDAYYYYY!!!!

I'll also write more about what's next for the healthy train then, after I will have read your feedback 🙂

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUUUUUU to those who've stood beside me through all of these ups and downs, you guys REALLY are the best blog readers around… and if I could, I'd throw high fives to each and every single one of you… and yeah, a hug if you've read this whole thing!


~bobbi ❗


 Oh, and… here's a photo of me today taken on my iPhone… after my first haircut in six months 🙂 See… sleek beautiful tresses!!! 😉 


PS. just as an FYI, to win you'll have to allow me to show the "before" and "after" here…)

PPS. You're all hot tamales!

PPPS. I think that this entry is OFFICIALLY the entry with THE most words ever used in one single bbmk blog. WOWZAS!