So, there are still more "before" photos coming in as we speak… but as of right now, we're up to 86… I'm completely blown away by that. Speechless actually.  The strength and courage that you all have for sending photos of yourselves… wow.  The stories I read with each photo… people sobbing as they wrote them, yet so excited to turn over a new leaf…. to start this new chapter… For many it seemed that sharing these photos was exactly what they needed to get started… just SHOWING it to someone other than themselves made them feel accountable and renewed.  

Here are a few anonymous quotes from some of the emails I received:

  • "I'm mortified to send you this pic. You know how everyone in the world views themselves as bigger than they actually are? Well I don't. I have the exact opposite problem. I have no idea how overweight I am. And now I can't decide if I want to cry or puke as I send you this photo. (probably both.)"
  • "Nothing else could have motivated me at this point, we work A TON of hours and are always exhausted and ready for carry-out dinners, so thanks for the motivation."
  • "I have battled this silly weight for as long as I can remember and am finally going to get fit and win the session!!" 
  • "My dad had a heart attack in January at 51 years of age, and the doctors told him that plaque has been building in his heart for 25 years. Since I'm 26, I figure that means I'm at risk RIGHT NOW for having to pay serious consequences later in life, and I want to be healthy. "
  • "As painful as it is to send you these photos, I am doing it.  I have failed sooooo many times before, I am scared."
  • "Getting this body was hard work — it took 13 years of pregnancies, breastfeeding, celebrations, traumas, and drive-through dinners  — not all at the same time, but still.  Hard work.  But I'm ready to throw it all away :)"
  • "I have always been too afraid before to join and also unwilling to really make a change. Well life has changed, I want kids and I need to be healthy before that occurs, not just for any kids that may come but for myself."
  • "I really cannot tell you what you've done for me – you are my biggest motivation. I really can't explain it, but this healthy train and the possibility of a photo session with you seem to have been what I really truly needed to get this started – I've only been trying for a YEAR!"
  • "Taking these pictures really opened my eyes about how I've totally let myself go!! It's so sad but I'm psyched to see what kind of difference we can make doing this."
  • "My fear of failure cannot win out over my self-loathing of my body so here we go."

This isn't a "weigh-in" week… though, you're more than welcome to if you'd like. 😀 I've lost .8 pounds this week… making my total weight loss 3 pounds… and am quite pleased with that! You know, when people lose less than a pound… they seem disappointed with that… this isn't something that happens overnight… it's not supposed to! So slow down… and be happy with every 0.1 pounds that we do lose! (I have to keep reminding myself of that DAILY!) 😀

Okay, a few reminders:

  1. if you haven't joined our healthy train Facebook group… do it!  If you have any questions about weight loss, diet and exercise… usually someone has been there to answer. 😀 Even my trainer has joined the group to answer fitness questions… she's so great! Actually… if there are any nutrition/weight loss experts to answer those sorts of questions… we'd LOVE to have you! 
  2. If you're a twitterer… and you tweet about the healthy train.. be sure to add the #healthytrain hashtag… makes it easier for all of us to read about what everyone else is up to 🙂
  3. you're all hot tamales… and I'm ridiculously proud of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUUUUU!!!!!!!

Love love love!

~bobbi ❗

PS. Just as an FYI, we weigh-in every other week… the only reason I'm updating on the healthy train today is because of the before photo extension… so, in the future… you'll only be hearing from me every other week… which technically is NEXT week! 😀 So, see you here on Friday!!!!



I've gotten a few more photos…. and want to share a few more anonymous quotes:

  • "I've always been heavy but after getting married and struggling through financial issues and personal issues that seem to come with being newly weds, I've piled the weight on. I hate life this way. And it's time… to change and take back life."
  • "Okay, Healthy Train. I am totally onboard. I have GOT to get back to my wedding weight … about 25 pounds ago. Too long I’ve been consoling myself with the fact that I’m STILL down a lot from my heaviest weight ever. Not good enough. Not anymore."
  • "In my mind I still think my body is what it was in high school, but whenever I see myself in a mirror it's like a kick to the stomach when I see that it's definitely not the case…"
  • "I just want us both to get better, not just for our health, but so we can be more successful with our photography business."
  • "I would absolutely love to have a photo session with you and I'm hoping that will be enough to motivate me. Even if I don't "win" the grand prize :), it will be worth it just to feel like my old self again. For so long, I've been telling myself that it doesn't matter what's on the outside. But, I want to look good… and there is nothing wrong with that!"

Okay… that's all 🙂 LOVE!!!!!