OOOOOKAY, I OFFICIALLY lost all of the weight I gained in Mexico… which puts me back at 12 pounds total lost. A small victory! 

I have to tell you though when I see these numbers I get SO bummed… 12 pounds since October 4th… 12 pounds in FIFTEEN weeks… that's about .8 lbs a week.  That just doesn't seem like a lot when I'm putting 200% of myself towards this healthy train, but whatever.

And like I always do at the end of the month, I took my measurements.  Since December 19th, I've lost only .6 lbs. AYKM!? Sounds awful… UNTIL  you see that I've lost 2.25" since then.  SO yeah… Lost only half a pound… but lost 2.25 inches… WOW to THAT!  Oh, and when you factor in Christmas in Kansas City annnnd Mexico…. I guess it's not THAT bad 😀


Since my last measurements on December 19th:

Weight: -0.6lbs

Arms: -.25"

Chest: -1"

Waist: -0"

Hips: -0.5"

Thighs: -0.5"

TOTAL: -2.25"


Since week one (October 4) of the Healthy Train:

Weight: -12lbs

Arms: -1.75"

Chest: -2"

Waist: -3"

Hips: -2"

Thighs: -3.5"

TOTAL: -12.25"


Since January 5, 2008:

Weight: -18lbs

Arms: -2.75"

Chest: -2"

Waist: -3.5"

Hips: -3"

Thighs: -4.5" (that number shocks me!)

TOTAL: -15.75"


I REALLY encourage all of you to take your measurements… I have mine put onto an Excel data sheet so that I never lose it. 🙂 When you don't see the pounds dropping off, at least you'll see results SOMEWHERE! I'm convinced that it's more about your measurements than the pounds… ESPECIALLY if you're working out!




29 People weighed in last week, total weight loss: 236.1

Alyssa (Hybrid Photography)
Amber (Smitten Photos)
Ashley Turner
Becka Knight
Cathy (Cathy and David Photo)
Clary (Clary Photo)
Courtney Reece
David (Cathy and David Photo)
Elle M.
Erich M.
Jessica P.
Kathy T.
Kyle Hepp
Laura (Simply You Photos)
Margaret B.
Melissa R
Michelle Ross
Nichole Frank
Tracy S.


Biggest Losers 🙂 :

Tracy S.    -23
Erich M.    -20
Charise    -19.6
Ashley T.    -13
Bobbi    -12



So… Like always, we need a photo 🙂

Yesterday, we dyed my hair a new, darker, richer color of copper… so I guess I'll show you all 😀   Please don't hate on the quality… it was taken with my little web cam on my laptop 🙂


I'm not 100% decided if I like it better than the old more vibrant lighter color… but whatever, it's still pretty 😀  

By the way, notice my teeth? They're getting better!  The Invisaligsn are worrrrking!

Okay, enough from me… how'd you guys do?! Can't wait to hear!


~bobbi ❗

PS. Did cardio three this week… And I did strength training twice and pilates once. I promised I'd tell you… so there you go. 🙂