I DID IT… I LOST WEIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!!! And I, yes this is cheesy, but it's honest…. but I feel SO GOOOOOD! I feel like I have complete control of myself.  It's SUCH a great feeling! 

So, how much weight did I lose?! 

THREE POINT SIX POUNDS!!!!!!!!    3.6!!!!!!!!   😀


So, here's how my last couple of weeks have gone down… I've decreased my daily caloric intake to 1200-1500 a day.  I joined a gym 🙂  For our Indianapolis friends… I joined the National Institute of Fitness downtown on IUPUI's campus.  They have a program there specifically designed for people who want to lose weight… so DUH TOWN… that's what I signed up for 😀  The first month of that program consists of meeting with a nutritionist, an analysis of my body, getting a fitness assessment, and an hour of personal training once a week.  So, this week… it's been that fitness assessment, the analysis and one personal training… and so far, I'm in LOVE with the program! 😀  I'll tell you more about my trainer soon… you guys will love her 🙂

So… enough about me… let's talk about YOU!  As of 8:30am, October 23rd… we've had 48 people weigh in 😀  ANNNNND…. out of those 48 people…

we've lost a total of 79.3lbs. YAHOOOOOOOSKI!!!!!!

There are NINETY ONE people on this list… AKYM?!?!??!??! NIIIIINETY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm going to highlight the names of the people who have either A) already reported their loss or B) just joined this week 😀 (we have five people who just joined 🙂 )  Keep on sending in your progress reports in the comment section and I'll try to keep it updated throughout the day. 

Aaron Hale
Alisha Stamper
Alyssa (Hybrid Photography)
Amanda Fales
Ann Page
Anne Ruthmann
Annie (Varland Photography)
Ashley Turner
Audra Bayette
Blair Van Bussel
Brandi Thompson
Brooke J.
Camille Elise
Caroline (Life Photographics)
Cathy Bock
Chrissie (C. Raysor Photo)
Courtney Reece
David (SD Ohana)
David Bock
Heather Cole, GET IT DONE H.COLE… who also lost 3.6 lbs!!!!!
Heather Kincaid
Jaclyn Marie
Jamie B.
Jeannie Cochran
Jen (Zach and Jennie Photo)
Jennifer A
Jessica (LenonGrass)
Jill P.
Josh Solar
Kate M.
Katie Baker
Kim Ilax
Kimi (SD Ohana)
Laura S.
Lauren M.
Lisa Kelly
Lisa Russo
Marcia Tumminaro
Melissa (Carolina Dreams Photo)
Melissa McClure
Michelle S.
Molly (AV)

Olivia Wagner
Priscilla (Pmota Photography)
Rachel G.
Samantha (The Roxy Studio)
Sarah Quiara
Steph (Reidel Photography)
Tori Clements
Uncle Pat
Val M.
Wade (Carignan Gallery)

Quick update: there are TWENTY-EIGHT more people who've joined throughout the day who I'll add next week… pretty cool, huh?!

OOOOOOKAYYYYYYY!!!!!! So here's what's next…. let's make some short term goals 🙂  By short term I mean… how much do you want to lose by Christmas?  State your goals in the comment section down there… My goal? 16.5 lbs.  YAY!  I'm already 3.6 lbs there… 🙂

I encourage EVERY single one of you guys out there to take a "before" picture.  Yeah yeah yeah… I know… it sucks to see yourself not looking the way that you want to… but I ASSURE you… it will motivate you to know that that's the last time you'll see yourself looking like that… and it's only getting better from here.  I took one also because I always feel like as I lose weight… I never look any different.  So, I plan on taking a picture like this every five pounds that I lose.  I'm excited!  I would LOVE if all of you sent me your "before" photos for now… and we'll do a progress photo around Christmas… to show that we've met our short term goals.   I PROMISE not to post them on the blog unless I have your permission in December….  If you're interested… send them to (SUCH a cheeseball address!)  Wear a black shirt and jeans… that way, as you lose weight… you can always be wearing the same thing so the photos are consistent.  Sending it… well… it will help hold you accountable to yourself… know what I mean? 

So, I'm going to take a big ol' bite of humble pie and show you all MY before picture 🙂  How can I ask you guys to do it If I'm not willing to show you mine.  This wasn't taken from my usual most flattering angle… GAHHHHH!!!!!



We took it in front of this pillar in the middle of our space so that I can see my size relative to something else.  Someday I'll be smaller than that pillar! 😀 YAHOOOSKI!



Yes, my legs really are that short… 🙂  And no, the off centered belt isn't my fashion statement, it was an accident. 😀  




Gosh, I love our blog readers… EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!!!

Love love LOOOOVE

~bobbi ❗

PS. there are still TWENTY-NINE of you out there who need to fill us in on your weight loss… Don't make me take your name off that list… 🙂  For future reference… I weigh in every Friday… by the time the blog is written, it's usually up sometimes in the afternoon… so, be ready for it 😀

PPS. You can join anytime… just let me know in the comment section. DO IT!