First and foremost: I am BEYOND proud of each of you. Seriously, you have NO idea how proud of you I am! Can’t wait to see your after photos. It took guts to send those photos… and I’m REALLY proud of you. To swallow your pride and take that photo… (ESPECIALLY of the scale!!!!) I KNOW that this is going to be our most successful train yet. I just KNOW it!  This time is going to be different, I have 100% faith in it.

Official final number of healthy train participants: 209.


First, some business.

FYI, there were some of you that didn’t submit a scale photo, I tried to email to each of those who didn’t individually… but some I missed… so, please send that ASAP!

Up above… there are all of your photos. I know that, for SOME reason, there are some photos that I didn’t pull from my email… and I can’t figure out whose I’m missing 🙁 I’m telling you, this was an all day job for me on Friday… creating mailing lists, gathering photos, getting the excel doc ready with each person’s name, emailing people who were having problems, emailing people begging for extensions, etc. So… things got mixed up in the shuffle. EEEKS!

I’ve emailed everyone who I’ve received photos from. If you haven’t received an email from healthytrainbobbi at yet… then either I have made a mistake or for some reason, I didn’t get your photos. So, if you haven’t received an email yet OR you don’t see your photo up there… forward me your before photos from your original email at the above email address asap. 😀

Also, in that email, I shared the healthy train google excel doc with each of you. If for some reason you haven’t received that email… here’s a link:

healthy train 2011

This will pop up…. Just click on the “request to access this document” and I’ll approve you.

Just request access and I’ll approve you. (This only goes for those who are on the train 😀 )

And for those who have asked… no, you don’t need a gmail account.  You need to have a Google Account though, which you can create with you e-mail address as the login name. You will have to provide your own password for future access, during the creation process.

Create your google Account here:

FYI, If you don’t “weigh in” within two weeks of the weigh in dates… I’ll unfortunately have to remove your name from the contest. 🙁 I’m saying this because I REALLY want each of you to succeed and to hold you each accountable.


Okay, done with business…

I have a GENIUS freaking idea! Are you on the edge of your seat??? Well, I’m going to tell you!

#healthytrain twitter accountability 🙂

What does THAT mean? Well, I’ve JUST created a separate twitter account JUST for #healthytrain tweeting. THERE I, along with Mike, will put photos of ourselves post workout and photos of our lunch and dinners. Now, we won’t do it EVERY meal or EVERY workout… but enough to remind ourselves that we’re letting you all down if we don’t. There, we will also be tweeting about anything #healthytrain related.

Now, I’m hoping that each of you to do the same 😀

You can either use your current twitter account (if you already have one) or create a secret account that NO ONE will know about… just other #healthytrain competitors.  Be sure to include the #healthytrain hashtag (that’s the word healthytrain preceded with the number sign: #healthytrain) on each of your tweets that pertain to the #healthytrain. I think it will create an amazing community of support and well… accountability!

Here’s my new #healthytrain twitter account:

And here’s Mike’s:


It really comes down to discipline. RESIST. It’s hard, I get it… I get it 1000000%! I’m ALWAYS reminding myself of the weight watchers motto, “Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!” (They actually say “skinny.” For me though, it’s alllll about healthy!)  Really… just think… You could easily be down 15% by the beginning of July. 15%!!!! Do the math… and realize that’s ONLY 5.5 months away. What’s five and a half months of discipline?! JUST FREAKING DOOOO IT! 😀

Okay, I THINK that’s all for now…





PS. If we have the same success level as last time… that means that only 16 of you will send in your after photo…. and that’s unacceptable. I’ve put in WAY too much work for you guys to let me down. So damnit, DO IT! K? k. 🙂

PPS. PLEASE keep all correspondence with me at the healthytrainbobbi at address. No facebook messages, and no emails to my bobbiandmike account please. Not trying to be a jerk… but it’s just WAY too much for me to keep track of.  Okay, that’s all.

PPPS. I adore you all. Okay, REALLY done now 😀