It takes a WHOLE lot to make me speechless (duh)… but these photos have BLOWN me away!  I told my Twitter friends last week, "The 4th 'after photo' just came in.  You guys are going to poop your pants when you see them.  So, just a warning… wear a diaper on Friday, K?"  I hope that you guys took my advice seriously because these photos, along with their stories, are well… effing awesome. πŸ™‚

I’ve included snippets from some of their emails to me… and, when applicable from both from their first email and their latest.  Please take the time to read these… I know it's a lot, but man oh man… if you're dealing with ANY sort of weight issue, these will definitely strike a cord.

I'm beyond proud of you all, both for losing the weight AND being brave enough to have it posted in such a public place. High fives, friends! HIGH FIIIIIIVES!!!!! πŸ˜€


ALISON –15.8%


Your announcement about restarting the healthy train happened the same week I joined weight watchers because I have hit rock bottom as far as my self-esteem.  I have two kids that need me to be healthy and strong for them. I need to be that for myself.  Now is the time.  My father had his first heart attack at 36.  I am now 34.  That is pretty scary!!   


I weigh less than I weighed after my daughter was born just shy of 11 years ago!  As of today, I have lost 15.82 percent!

My hubby has been right by my side and he has lost 40 pounds himself, combined we have lost the weight of our 5 year old.  Our next goal is to pass the weight of our 11 year old!


Alison, you look FANTASTIC!  I noticed that, as I lost weight my eyes started to look bigger, not sure if we carry weight around our eyes or what… but I ABSOLUTELY see a difference in not only your entire phsyique but also in your eyes!!!!




AMBER –7.1%


Ackkk!!!  I honestly can't believe I'm actually sending these horrible pics!!!  I took my pics i
n a bikini for 2 reasons.  #1 – I hide my weight REALLY well in clothes.  People are always telling me "You don't need to loose weight!"  I felt like this was the only way to really get the point across that YES I DO!!!  LOL!  And #2 I wore this bikini 3.5 years ago on my honeymoon.  And it looked damn good.  There's no excuse for THIS much added weight in that small amount of time.  I am a very emotional eater – I eat way too much when happy and tend not to eat when I'm sad.  Needless to say these have been a very happy 3.5 years, LOL!  


I managed to lose a total  of 7.06%.  Not as many as most, but I am damn proud of it. My scale  also tells me that I've 11.5% body fat.  I totally get what you were saying on your blog about just feeling better on the whole when you are at a more healthy weight – I can SEE it in the way I am standing in each photo.  And did you look at my back??!!??  The back fat is gone, DING DONG the BACK FAT IS GONE!!! You have inspired  me to get my body back, rekindle my love for running, and really do  something for myself for a change.  I just cannot thank you enough.







You KNOW the newest after photos were taken in FEBRUARY in Kentucky… in the midst of our ridiculous winter!  THAT is some SERIOUS dedication to step outside in the snow in a BIKINI!  You SO SO SO rock!  And wow to your hot ass! πŸ˜‰







I am getting on the healthy train with full force. I lost 5.3 pounds this week, which was super exciting. I have been at this weight loss with my mom for 4 weeks now and have lost 17 pounds but cannot tell yet.  I have battled this silly weight for as long as I can remember and am finally going to get fit and win the session!!


I started my journey 4 months after my second baby was born, I had lost all the baby weight within 6 weeks of having her (so that was not an excuse) but after that, started putting it all back on. In September I got on the scale and tipped the scale at my heaviest, I had never been that weight not even when I was pregnant! REALLY, I was sick! I told my husband I was going to work my ass off, and when I got to my goal weight I was calling Bobbi & Mike and we were having family pictures taken, something we have never done because I hate photos of myself! Two weeks later you posted up the healthy train info, and I was ecstatic to win a session, it was meant to be! I kicked it in full gear! Conveniently my mom was in a poll at work where she was trying to lose weight, so I had a teammate perfecto! We walked every night. The weight fell off for me, I was on cloud nine, and then the holidays hit! I became busy with work, and family and when you quit blogging I was happy because the weight was not coming off and I did not have to type it down to tell anyone. I am so glad you got back into it, because I started to loose again as soon as you started posting again! I was absolutely floored when you posted 9.8% btw! I was like crap I need to catch up. That I did, and I am so stinking excited that I have lost 14%!  I am not my ideal still, but am happy! 

Result of losing 40 pounds:

  • Just had my wedding ring resized from a 10.5 to a 9 (crazy how much weight you loose in your fingers) 
  • Down 4 sizes, and have pitched every pair of pants that I owned in September
  • Yesterday, I purchased a pair of jeans for my after picture. I bought destructed jeans, I don't know if they are age appropriate but damnit I’ve wanted a pair in high school and they did not make them in my size so I am going to wear them with pride! -I’m a better wife and mom




Angela, SERIOUSLY… ROCK those jeans! age appropriate schmamopiate! You look GREAT!  What do I see as the BIGGEST difference? Your confidence.  There are two compl
etely different people in those photos.  Oh, and a bonus: your mid section is NIGHT and day πŸ™‚ WORK IT OUT!!!





APRIL –13.5%


I wasn’t going to join…just continue to do it on my own…but with that prize as my motivation??? I am so in and it is on!


So, I may have not won the contest in terms of percentage – lost 13.5%! but I did win in terms of regaining confidence in myself. I love the fact that I can fit into “cute” clothes again. Being so tall, I am already somewhat limited – add in being chubby, and well… you get the picture. I have lost about a size and a half and feel great




APRIL!!!!! You're the only person who submitted after photos that I know personally. I haven't seen you since August (before the healthy train contest started)… I'm SOOOO flipping excited for you! You're hot tamales. Your little waist and perfect hips and uhm… well… the area between your belly button and neck πŸ˜‰ AWWWWESOME! Just like with Angie, you seem like a more confident you. Proud of you April πŸ™‚





DANE –20.3%


I can't believe these photos. At the time I started the Healthy Train I knew I needed to lose more weight, but I generally felt really good about myself. As I look back, I can't believe how heavy I still was. Now 20.33% lighter, I feel better than ever.

Some really exciting things happened for me while on the Healthy Train:

1. I ran my first race, ever, and finished the 5k in 31:16.
2. I'm finally to a size where I can walk into a store, grab a pair of pants off the rack and they will fit.
3. The shirt I'm wearing in my 'before' photos was an XL, and in the 'after' photo the shirt I’m wearing is a MEDIUM (insanity!!).
4. Most of all, I've been reminded that I love myself amidst the weight that I still carry. I may not ever have an athlete's body, but I'm finally in a place where I like the one I've got.






Dane has had an INCREDIBLE journey!  In January 2008 he decided to do something about it. Since then, he’s lost 228 lbs. YES… TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY EIGHT ELL BEEEES! He hopped on our train in the midst of already living a healthier lifestyle in an attempt for a bit of extra motivation.  So, the aforementioned 20% is only his progress since October.  He’s actually lost nearly half of himself since the beginning.  Yeah.. HALF! How amazing is that?! Check out his weight loss blog for some extra inspiration.  Oh, and I grabbed these off of his blog. AYKM!?


  Uhm, he lost half of his body weight, right?! NO MORE EXCUUUUUSES!!!!! Your journey is remarkable. I've told everyone I know about you! You'RE SOOOO close! 





I used to play sports- at least 3 a year, and I never had any trouble staying in shape. In high school I did four years of volleyball, basketball, and track (I ran distance). In college, I p
layed two years of volleyball (ended up not playing after I injured my back- and I already have scoliosis, as you'll see in my pictures). After college, working night shift, getting lazy, and eating out has taken a SERIOUS toll on my body. I currently am just shy of totally hating the way I look, and I hate having my picture taken now because the “me” in the photo is still a shock.

My dad had a heart attack in January at 51 years of age, and the doctors told him that plaque has been building in his heart for 25 years. Since I'm 26, I figure that means I'm at risk RIGHT NOW for having to pay serious consequences later in life, and I want to be healthy. To make matters worse, I am a cardiovascular intensive care unit nurse, and it's pretty hypocritical to encourage my patients to live healthy lives when I myself am not taking care of my body. Plus, I'm in grad school to become a Family Nurse Practitioner, and when I graduate in May 2011, I want to NOT be ashamed of my health status-and I want to help encourage others to take care of themselves. To do that, I need to get my act together.







 Okay Elissa… I'm mad at you right now for being even 1% nervous about sending these in!!!!! YOU ARE HOT HOT HOT! Because I'm the kind of girl who doesn't have much of a filter and usually says the first thing on her mind… here's what I have to say. 1) your face is SO much thinner! 2) uhm, your back side?! wow πŸ™‚ 3) LOVING the new haircut!





JODI –15.2%


Getting this body was hard work — it took 13 years of pregnancies, breastfeeding, celebrations, traumas, and drive-through dinners  — not all at the same time, but still.  Hard work.  But I'm ready to throw it all away!


Well Bobbi I finally took my after pictures, and when I saw them it made me want to start the healthy train again with a renewed vengeance!  I can't find my before pictures, so I hope there is a difference between the before and after, but I've got to tell you seeing these pictures today is making me feel like I haven't gotten anywhere.  I REALLY don't want to send these pictures in.  But I committed to doing it, so I'm sending them.  

…hovering over the send key…


I then emailed her back, of course, having the before photos in my inbox… so I was able to see what she couldn’t.  I attached the original before paired with the after. Here’s what I wrote:



I found your before pictures πŸ™‚

Here's the thing, you’re still seeing nothing but, what you view as, “the problem areas” and not seeing the improvement… Which is exactly what I do and why I LOVE taking “after” photos… And also why I INSISTED on people taking a “before” photo. πŸ˜€  It takes seeing them side by side to REALLY see that there’s such a HUGE difference.

Look at the front view… See how your arm to your shoulder isn’t as rounded? You look COMPLETELY different!   Not to mention you’re just overall narrower… Look at that waist!!!!  You look fantastic!

But your SIDE view is the one that BLEW me away!!!!!  Just take a second to really see how much smaller your stomach is. Yeah, you owe me a hug. JODI!!!!! This is a HUUUUUUGE difference!!!!!

I KNEW when you said that you’d lost 15% that I’d come home to find a HUGE difference that you hadn’t seen yet. πŸ™‚ I COULD NOT be more excited for you!

So, maybe you feel like you have more to go… But PLEASE see how far you’ve already come…

She wrote back:

Wow, I am so glad you made me take those before pictures!  I totally didn't think there had been that much change.  Thanks Bobbi, and yes I owe you a big hug and a huge high five! Holy cow (pooping myself now)…





 I've already given my two cents to this transformation! (just read the blue text above…)






MELISSA –15.4%


I wore a pair of yoga pants and a white tank top in hopes that it will show a lot better than the clothes I typically work out in. These fit a lot better about 20lbs ago…please don’t judge, haha!  This gives me even more motivation to lose the weight!!



We have a healthy train star ladies and gents! Melissa was featured in a USA TODAY article for getting healthy. How COOL is that?!




 OOOOOKAY!!!!! THOSE LEGS?! Did you, by chance, take measurements before you started? I'd LOVE to know how many inches you've lost in your legs. WOW! Oh, and gooooooodbye love handles! You SO rocked this! 

BTW, for those that are wondering what that is on her arm… it's a BodyBugg. πŸ™‚ It's what the Biggest Losers wear to keep track of how many calories they're burning.  It's 90% accurate (those gym machines are WAYYYY off… and not in our favors!) and a great way to measure how much you should be eating.  I have one and wore it for a while… but for me, it just wasn't comfortable. I'm the only person I know who felt that way. So, it really is an amazing product. Eventually I'll probably offer it for sale here.





TARA –14%

Thank you so much for doing the healthy train; it's just what I needed to get motivated!





 HELLO NEW TARA!  Love seeing your confidence quadruple from the first photo to the second. πŸ˜‰ ABSOLUTELY your mid section is where I see the biggest difference. WAY TO GO!!!






DRUM ROLL PLEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! Our winner:


CHRIS –24.3%!!!!!


I am submitting my photo for your contest.  I realize that I am far in PA and may never claim the prize unless there is a NY wedding you folks are doing, but I am entering anyway.  I am huge (and you promised not to laugh) and needed something to get myself motivated. For the past month I have been trying to make little improvements but this is what is completely got me jumping on the healthy train.  I must be really blind cause I am horrified when I finally saw these before pics that my wife took this evening.  HORRIFIED.  I don’t see myself like this and the images are disgusting.  I AM going to do EVERYTHING I can to remedy this, for me, and my wife, and my 2 small children



I feel like a different person! I can do things that I did not dare do before. simple things most folks don't realize: sitting in a booth at a restaurant, tying my shoes while they are on, without putting my foot up on a step, my 8 year old daughter can almost touch her hands together when putting her arms around me, I look forward to taking my daughter on roller coasters this summer as well now that I will be able to fit in the seat and lower the safety bar AND still be able to breath (ok maybe not at this exact moment I can but by summer I will!)  Little things.  They add up

I am now, as of this past Saturday, 24.3% smaller, have lost 7 pants sizes, my glasses fit better, my watch has had links taken out (twice), and my shoes are too big.  I plan on sticking this thru and losing another 49 pounds minimum.  Why you ask?  Cause around here, you have to be a specific weight to go skydiving, and that is something I’m going to do!
I also realize that we are separated by hundreds of miles.
  And this would make cashing in on any prize should I win, a bit difficult.  To be honest, with my wife and I both on the Healthy Train to Skinny Town, I would wait anyhow.  And besides, I know the prize was an "After" photoshoot to show off the new hotness, I would rather wait until our worlds came together at some point, if ever, to have some really awesome Bobbi + Mike family pictures.  My motivations were really not to win anything actually, but to regain everything I have been missing out on.  To enjoy my wife's company and my children while they are young and growing.






  Can you believe that?!  When he sent in his updated photo… I nearly fainted.  Then, when I read his follow up?! Seriously, speechless.  Remember earlier (what i wrote after Alison) about how I'm sure we carry weight around our eyes?  For me, this photo confirms it. Chris, you beyond rock… thank you for joining our little train… it's been fun reading your successes every time I post an entry. 

So, someday… our paths will cross, and that day… we’ll take Chris’ family photo.  He, along with his wife (who’s lost an even higher %, but didn’t join the train), have ABSOLUTELY earned it. Can’t wait to see their transformation in person.  




Those before and afters up there are SHOCK SHOCKING… SHOOOCKKKKINGGGG!!!!! Not only do I see a physical change in each of you, but I can see it the way you're standing/smiling… a NIGHT and day difference in confidence. JEEEEZE LOUISE!  

To be 1000000% honest, when I asked you all to send in before photos… I *hoped* it would be successful… but knew that asking a group of people to lose weight because of a blog, yeah… not to get my hopes too high.  Clearly, the results have WAYYYY exceeded my expectations!

So, on that note… we're changing lives here people!!!! It'd be dumb for me to stop now, right?!  Once I get back from Vegas and Kansas City (mid Marchish…), I'll announce another contest similar to this one (if not exactly the same).


In the meantime, for this round of Healthy Train competitors, I’d love to invite every single one of you who submitted an “after photo” to a healthy lunch, on bobbi+mike!  And, if interested, I’ll snag a quickie photo of each of you… I sort of specialize in Facebook profile photos!  When I get back from all of the traveling be on the looking for an email from yours truly. Also, after exploring your websites, I noticed that many of you don't have a photo with your "about me" section… IT'S TIME!!!!!

Thanks again to ALLLLL of you who participated… I CANNOT thank you enough for well… EVERYTHING!!!!! We REALLY do have the absolute best blog readers. 

Love to you friendos!


PS. my Aunt Karen said this to me one milllllion times growing up and I say it to myself every day as a reminder: "Attitude is everything."  That's all. πŸ™‚