You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be.

-David Viscott


So, I gained. just a bit… but it was a gain. Argh. 4.66% lost since April, 2010.

Then I remembered…

Kristen told me that I may be gaining in the near term as I’ve been doing some pretty major weight training for the past month. She was right.

So, I decided to take my measurements… even though I’d JUST taken them 2 weeks ago. What the hell… what do I have to lose?!

In just two weeks I’ve lost .25 inch on my upper arm and .5 inch on my waist… I mean… for just two weeks, that is not bad… ESPECIALLY given the fact that I’ve GAINED.  Are you following me here? I’m having a hard time explaining this.

My point is this… DO NOT put all of your faith in the scale… there are so many factors that affect that number.

Have you fully emptied your bladder?
Did you go out to eat last night and have too much salt on your chicken? (too much sodium causes water retention)
Are you weight training?
Are you poo-pooing regularly?
Is it your time of the month?
Are you taking prescription meds?
Do you have a sunburn? (another cause of water retention)

Gaining two pounds on occasion is no biggie… if it’s happening every week then maybe you need to adjust fire.

Hope you all listened to me in the beginning and took your measurements 😉

Let’s make it a goal not to be so hard on ourselves, k?  Are you, overall, moving in the right direction? Yes. It’s allllll about the long term, right? RIGHT!

Speaking of long term and measurements…. Since October, 2008 here are my inches lost:

Upper Arm: 3.25″
Chest: 4.5″
Waist: 6.5″
Hips: 5.25″
Upper thigh: 5″ (this has been the biggest change to me)

TOTAL: 24.5″

Very proud of that.

Current top five six:

Jill Pollitt       19.3%                        
Devan Whitson     15.35%                        
Michelle Hunley    11.3%
Chris Rivera 11.2%                      
Jessica Harrison   10%
Kelly Ritter  9.9%


To those on the train, be sure to weigh in via the Google doc! :D

A few quick reminders:

  • Next official weigh in is August 20th.
  • If you’re a twitterer, be sure to add the hashtag #healthytrain to your HT tweet.
  • Join  “bobbi’s healthy train” group on Facebook… ANYONE can join… not just the people with the before pics. My trainer is an admin … so if you have fitness questions, ask ‘em there!  Dane is also an admin, so if you have questions about diet/need motivation… he’s the guy to talk to. We’d love to have you… 😀
  • You don’t have to be officially competing to participate.
  • Finale date is October 29th.

Love to you blog readers! 🙂

~bobbi ❗


PS. I bought a bathing suit for the first time since my honeymoon. Regardless of my weight loss… I’m having a near anxiety attack at the thought of wearing it in public. Wish me luck friends. EEEEKS!