…Whooooooa living on a prayerrrrr. Take my hand and we’ll make it I swearrrrr… WHOOOOAAA LIVIN’ ON A PRAAAYERRRRR!”

You KNOW you were thinking that as soon as you saw the title, right?! Okay, shushing now… I couldn’t resist!

As most of you know… it’s our HALFWAY WEIGH IN BETTTTTIES!!!! 😀

That also meant… optional progress pics. 🙂 Which also explains why this post was so late… It takes a while to organize all of this. Sorry about that friends!

Be prepared to poopy in your pants because these progress pics are SHOCKING! And the best part? We’re ONLY HALFWAY THERE!!!!! So, now that you have your diaper on… here they are!


Michelle Hunley -10.3%

Angie Livesay -8.4%

Devan Whitson -14.41%

Jennifer Hughes -6.51%

Jessica Harrison -10%

Scott Neumyer -8.49%

Kim Robinson -6.13%

Krystie Hill -3.5%

Michelle McDonnell -8.74%

Heather Cole, my BFF 😀 -8% (this, in my opinion, is THE most incredible one… probably because I know her and seeee the difference in the way she’s standing, smiling, EVERYTHING. Heather, I could NOT be more proud of you!!!!!

Meredith Johns -4.61%

Last, but certainly not least… Jill Pollitt, our current leader -18.13% (WOW TO THIS TRANSFORMATION!!!!) I’m SO proud of you Jill!!!

And now… mine 🙂 Bobbi Sheridan -5.5%

Bobbi Sheridan -20.6% (since October, 2008)

Lots of expletives came out of my mouth after I saw this… I find this so incredibly shocking.

Still seeing those ORIGINAL before pics makes me both really proud and really sad… so glad to not be in that shell anymore. I am absolutely a different person now… and not just on the outside.


And for the top five:

Jill Pollitt  18.13%
Devan Whitson   14.41%
Michelle Hunley      10.3%
Jessica Harrison   10%
Jessica Seamon     9.31% (where’s your progress pic?! 🙂 )


To those on the train, be sure to weigh in via the Google doc! 😀

A few quick reminders:

  • Next official weigh in is August 6th.
  • If you’re a twitterer, be sure to add the hashtag #healthytrain to your HT tweet.
  • Join  “bobbi’s healthy train” group on Facebook… ANYONE can join… not just the people with the before pics. My trainer is an admin … so if you have fitness questions, ask ‘em there!  Dane is also an admin, so if you have questions about diet/need motivation… he’s the guy to talk to. We’d love to have you… 😀
  • You don’t have to be officially competing to participate.
  • Finale date is October 29th.


I’m BEYOND proud and completely humbled by the success of this train. I have no words right now.

I cannot thank you guys enough for ALLLLL you’ve done for me.

Love to you blog readers 🙂

~bobbi ❗

PS. Friends, if you have any nice thoughts… PLEASE share them here. I know from experience how hard it is to publicly post photos like these… and 12 people did that today… so, MAJOR kudos to them! Encouragement and excitement is worth its weight in gold 🙂