Hi friends 🙂

Hope your summer is wonderful so far 😀 Mine… mine is good but, like always… I have over-extended myself and am feeling a weeee bit overwhelmed. When am I ever going to learn?!

Needless to say… this is going to be a quickie entry today… have lots to do before tomorrows wedding.

So, I noticed that Scott  posted this  on the Facebook Healthy Train page a couple of weeks ago…

“Tell your story: What’s something you can do TODAY that you couldn’t do (or had trouble doing) when you started on the Healthy Train?”

There were so many great responses 🙂

That got me to thinking… what’s my answer to that? And after much thought, here’s what I came up with:

  • Buy clothes off the rack
  • I can shoot more comfortably
  • I can carry 80lbs of gear up the stairs without getting winded
  • I don’t hate mirrors
  • Printed new photos of myself with Mike
  • Sit down without being paranoid about my stomach

The BIGGEST one for me is absolutely the “buy clothes off the rack” thing…. For the last 7 years, I’ve had to special order nearly all of my clothes online. They sell chubby clothes in stores for average heighted women… but me… I’m anything but average height. Oh… not to mention the size of my uhm… coconuts. Because my clothing situation sucked… I HATED going out in public because 1) the clothes were ugly 2) they didn’t fit well 3) I wore the same outfit nearly every day.

I even bought a new suit… NOT ONLINE 😀 Here it is. Oh, and isn’t that Mike man so damn hot?!

So… yeah… while I’m not at my goal weight yet… It’s great to remind myself how far I’ve come.

You should do the same. SO, on THAT note… what’s your answer?

What’s something you can do TODAY that you couldn’t do (or had trouble doing) when you started on the Healthy Train?

SO, how’d you all do these last two weeks? Me = holding steady at 4.3%.


And for the top five:

Jill Pollitt     17.54%
Devan Whitson     12.51%
Jessica Harrison     9.44%
Scott Neumyer    7.98%
Angie Livesay      7.02%

Jill, can’t wait to see your progress pic in two weeks! 😀

Oh, speaking of “after pics.” I don’t mean to get all hard ass on you guys… but someone brought up a very interesting point… that people could alter their “after pics” so that they could win. This just won’t fly with team Healthy Train sooo… your photos need to be sent to me straight out of camera… no resize, no editing… NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH IT! 🙂  By reading the file info I’ll be able to see “date created” and “date modified” If the file has been modified in ANY WAY you will be disqualified. Okay, hard ass over. 🙂


To those on the train, be sure to weigh in via the Google doc! 😀

Speaking of the Google doc… PLEASE only fill in your own box. 🙂 Also, no deleting… anything, ANYTHING! k, thanks 🙂

A few quick reminders:

  • Next official weigh in is July 23rd.
  • If you’re a twitterer, be sure to add the hashtag #healthytrain to your HT tweet.
  • Join  “bobbi’s healthy train” group on Facebook… ANYONE can join… not just the people with the before pics. My trainer is an admin … so if you have fitness questions, ask ‘em there!  Dane is also an admin, so if you have questions about diet/need motivation… he’s the guy to talk to. We’d love to have you… 😀
  • You don’t have to be officially competing to participate.
  • If you haven’t measured yourself yet, DO IT!
  • We’ll be taking optional “progress pics” in two weeks to keep the motivation levels high, oh… and I fully expect the top 5 to join in on that, we’d love to see what these huge numbers are looking like… OHHHH YESSSSSS!!!!
  • Finale date is October 29th.

I adore you guys… thanks for keeping us all motivated! 😀


~bobbi ❗