WHOOP WHOOP!!!! How’d you guys DOOO?!?!

Between the lack of weigh ins and reading many of your Twitter updates/Facebook status’… it seems that many of you have hit a mini road block. BIGGG FLIPPIN’ DEAL! Who cares?! Just keeeep on it!

In high school, I worked closely with the mentally handicapped class. They were my buddies 🙂 There was one girl named Clare who loved idioms. She’d shout them… loudly.  🙂 Towards the end of my senior year she was particularly fond of, “KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PICTURE PRIIIIIIIZE!!!!!” Every time I’m down in the dumps both personally and in biz… I can hear Clare shouting that in the back of my head.  Yeah yeah yeah, it’s probably a dorky thing but… for me, I know I’ll lose all of this weight some day!  You ALLLLL know it’s taken me a LONG time to lose the bit that I have… and I didn’t do it easily…. lose a little… gain a little… lose a little… gain a LOT… lose a little… etc, etc. etc. If it were easy… everyone would be healthy, y’know?


On THAT note, of the 54 (out of 146) who HAVE weighed in…  here are our biggest losers 😀

Jill Pollitt     11.11%
Michelle McDonnell    6.31%
Kathleen Stivers      6%
Stephanie Wortley    5.87%
Christopher Vandercook    5.03%

JILL?! Two weeks in a row of being on top… and 11%?! I’m BEYOND blown away!

OH! for those of you on the train, make sure that you report your TOTAL cumulative loss since the beginning in your column… not JUST the two weeks.

Also, PLEEEEEEASE weigh in FIRST thing Friday mornings, please?! 😀 It REALLY makes things easier on me 😉

Me… I didn’t have a GREAT two weeks.  This traveling is KICKING MY ASS!  Now many of you may recall that the last time I was doing this much traveling was July of last year… and THAT was when my train derailed… and derailed BIG TIME! So, the fact that I’ve been losing at all is HUGE for me. Even if it is just a littttttle bit 😉

Total % loss since April 2nd, 2010: 2.57%

Now for a tip…. something that ABSOLUTELY helped in the weight loss department.

A couple of months ago I put something up on Twitter/Facebook… something like “I don’t think I’m drinking enough water… need to fix that”  Someone (I can’t remember who) suggested that I buy a Camelbak water bottle. She said that she took it with her everywhere and the way that the straw was felt like a toy. She told me that she couldn’t stop drinking out of it. Hmmm… a toy? Not sure I believe that, but whatever… I’ll give it a try.

On to Amazon I went… and found an insulated one that had awesome reviews and bought it.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THE AMAZINGNESS THAT IS THIS WATER BOTTLE?! She was right… It REALLY does feel like a toy when you’re drinking out of it… and I REALLY do take it EVERYWHERE! I can’t stop drinking water! As a matter of fact… my body is becoming so used to all of this hydration that if I haven’t had water in only 30 minutes I’m feeling some serious cotton mouth. Oh, and one of the BESSSST things about this water bottle?! I will put ice in it and the ice will STILL be frozen 24 hours later. OH YES… YOU HEARD ME RIGHT!!!!! Mike has taken it to tennis and left it in the sun and it’s still cold two hours later. 😀 One more thing… it doesn’t sweat. 🙂 So, no rings of water left behind. BOOOYAH!!!!

When I :::think::: I’m hungry (but really just bored), I just have a bit of water and it seems that the hunger goes away. It’s taken the place of bored snacking at the desk. Know what I mean by bored snacking? Eating food JUST to eat… not because you should be or need to eat? Well, I don’t do that anymore now 😀 Thank YOUUUUU Camelbak! 😉


Just a heads up, drinking out of the nozzle thing does take a bit to get used to… as you have to bite down on it to get it to open… but once you get the hang of it… you can’t stop!

There are less expensive Camelbak water bottles (un-insulated)… so if you can’t afford that one, do yourself a favor and just GET one 😀

A few quick reminders:

  • Next official weigh in is May 28.
  • If you’re a twitterer, be sure to add the hashtag #healthytrain to your HT tweet.
  • Join  “bobbi’s healthy train” group on Facebook… ANYONE can join… not just the people with the before pics. My trainer is an admin … so if you have fitness questions, ask ‘em there!  Dane is also an admin, so if you have questions about diet/need motivation… he’s the guy to talk to. We’d love to have you… 😀
  • You don’t have to be officially competing to participate.
  • If you haven’t measured yourself yet, DO IT!
  • We’ll be taking optional “progress pics” July 23 to keep the motivation levels high… OHHHH YESSSSSS!!!!
  • Finale date is October 29th.

Much love friends!

~bobbi ❗



I’ve been thinking… let’s each make one goal to attain by next weigh in. Something small. Little changes that, hopefully after 2 weeks, will become a part of our lives.


  • drink 64oz of water each day
  • walk the dogs every day after work
  • do not eat after 8pm
  • etc, etc, etc…

Mine? Work out 7 times before the next weigh in. I haven’t been so great at the working out because I’ve been SO ridiculously busy… so, with the upcoming travel schedule… 7 times won’t be easy… but I’m DEFINITELY going to try 😀 Wish me luck friends 🙂

What’s YOURS??? Don’t make anything toooo crazy and unattainable… set yourself up for success!