I know I know… I’m a few days late… but, as you know, I’ve been out of the office.

Here comes the part you see in me every time I do a healthy train… the part where I’m seriously bummed… the part where I’m always too busy to work out… the part where I’m avoiding the scale like the freakin’ plague… the part where I just want to be donnnnne!

How different this healthy train blog entry is from the one I wrote two weeks ago is crazy, right?! Well… as you probably have already figured out about me… I’m quite the positive thinker… so positive in fact that I avoid allll things negative. Sometimes…. outta NOWHERE all of that negativity that I’ve been avoiding just smacks me in the face and I get depressed. It’s an unhealthy cycle.

You see, I’ve been on this damn train now for 2 years… I’ve lost nearly 50 pounds… I look like a completely different person… and I should be focusing on that. HOWEVER, sometimes it’s just not that easy…. and I’m bummin’. The light at the end of the tunnel still seems so far away.

I weighed myself before I left for DC (after our mini vacation)… I’d gained… but not just 1 pound or even 2 pounds… but 4 freakin’ pounds (in the last month)! I cried. Drama queen style. All of this travel travel travel, go go go, work work work is taking it’s toll… and I’m making myself less and less and less of a priority.

I know, I know… you’ve heard this all before… same story, different day. 🙁

I NEED more personal time. I NEED to feel better about myself again. Bottom line… I NEED to be both physically and mentally healthy!

So, I’m back to making mini goals…But this time they aren’t so mini. I’m breaking my own advice here and making my goals too big. I’m try try TRYING to stay motivated.


Here are my goals for the next two weeks:

Gain more personal time/enjoy more “me” time:

  • Work aggressively during “work time” so that I’m able to have an evening off
  • Fill in an Excel time sheet for work so that I’m able to track what’s taking me so stinking long
  • Back off of the social media*
  • Go to bed at the same time as my husband
  • During personal time, computers are off and phones are put away
  • Say no 😉

Feel good about myself again:

  • Work out in the morning at least 4 days/week
  • Get ready in the morning… as though I’m going to a “real job”
  • Drink more water
  • Eat healthy dinners… no going out to eat!
  • Get a facial/massage


I know I know… that’s a tall order… but I’m in an extreme funk… so it’s calling for extreme measures!

*oh, and about that social media thing… I just need to take a small break from it… I need to focus on work and us. I’ll still be updating the blog… and twittering minor things… but, I’m stepping away for a bit. I’ve already deleted Facebook from my iPhone. YEAH… THAT’S INTENSE!

So, I haven’t weighed myself since I’ve gotten back from DC… and… well… I’m not going to. 🙂 I’ll weigh myself in two weeks… promise.

Wow… six weeks until the finale of this train… LET’S KICK THIS SHIZ INTO HIGH FREAKIN’ GEAR!

BTW… to keep the results of the contest secret…. no more weighing in on the google sheet… you can let me know your final percentage lost when you send me in your new “after” pics. K? k. 😀

You know I don’t like blogging without a photo… so, here’s one. This was taken before things got hectic and I was making personal time a priority. Let’s get back to that, k?

May, 2010 | game night with some of our favorite people… self timer style 😀

Thanks team for being so awesome. I adore each and every single one of you.

Love love love!

~Bobbi ❗