This is going to be a SUPER long blog entry as I have four ladies to cover here 🙂


Mike’s mom, Karen is the most patient woman in the world. Confession time: (I CANNOT believe I’m telling you guys this right now… but I really want to put into perspective what an awesome woman she is) As we were starting our business and gathering capital, Mikey and I moved into the basement of his parents house. When Mikey and I FIRST started talking about opening our own biz, the only way we could do it was well… living in their basement. Then, it was time to ask his parents. EEEEEKS! What did we hear from his mom? “OF COURSE YOU CAN!!!!!” HOW AWESOME ARE THEY?! One month later… the moving truck was at our house in Terre Haute to move us up to Fort Wayne. I’m not gonna lie… I was VERY nervous! I’m, as you all know… an only child so the thought of living with Mike, his mom, dad and two brothers was not something that was necessarily in my comfort zone. But, we were accepted with open arms. In that time, I became SO incredibly close to his family… ESPECIALLY his mom! When it was time for us to move on about four months later… Karen didn’t want us to go. She still talks about how much fun we all had… because we REALLY did!

That woman would drop anything and everything for us if needed… and has. She loves her boys more than anything in this world. Every single one of her boys are also crazy about her. They’re all a bunch of “momma’s boys.” (Which also makes them all potentially GREAT husbands… I know one of them already is!). How fortunate am I to have “in laws” that I adore?!





My parents divorced when I was four years old. At the time of the divorce my mom and dad lived in Alaska (my dad was in the Air Force). So, after their divorce my mom and I went to live with my g-mom in Kansas City, while my dad stayed in Alaska. Though it was “joint custody” I didn’t see my dad much… it’s not like a trip to Anchorage every other weekend wasn’t really in the cards. So… it’s always been just “bomba and momba” She, along with my Aunt Karen and G-mom pretty much raised me from the age of five. So really… this post is dedicated to “my three moms”As a child, I ALWAYS looked forward to Friday’s. We called it “our night.” We were far from $ rich… so, our night usually consisted of $1.50 egg rolls from the local Chinese restaurant or if I was REALLY lucky, I got to eat hot tamales right out of the can (YUM!!!!). THEN… off to the $1 movie theater. I had the MOST perfect time EVERY time! Every week, I had a countdown to Friday. I’m smiling right now at the thought of it 🙂

As I already mentioned… $$$ wasn’t a big part of our life. But, that NEVER mattered!!!! I can tell you this… I NEVER did without. In the 6th grade, my mom worked her BUTT off for an entire year to buy me a computer. In 1992, computers were NOT a common household item, ESPECIALLY one that was ALLLL mine. It wasn’t the “family computer” it was 100% mine. Are you kidding me?! AN ENTIRE YEAR SAVING?!??!?! I used it for seven years… it was SO hard for me to give it up. I’m quite computer savvy now… and I think that’s mostly because I loved that gift so much. My mom is such an awesome woman.

Ever notice that she writes a comment on nearly EVERY blog entry?! She’s working a ridiculous amount of hours at Value City lately, yet she still takes the time to do it. Mom somehow feels like she’s letting the couple down if she misses one. She’s the most loyal blog reader we have. I read a LOT of other blogs and NEVER have I seen a mom commenting like my mom does. I really am the luckiest girl in the world.

When I meet her friends… they always know everything about me from the second I say hello. Why you ask? Because she is the proudest mom on the block. I love you mom.






As I got a bit older… Mom was working three jobs to keep up. I hung out with G-Mom and Aunt Karen a LOT! My three favorite ladies in the entire world… I can’t get enough. Nearly every weekend, G-Mom and Papa would come pick me up, take me out to eat at the Hardware Cafe and we’d spend the weekend going to antique stores and flea markets…. though, that really wasn’t my scene… I was with two people who loved me so incredibly much, I was in heaven. I ALWAYS came home with something new. MAN OH MAN I WAS SOOOOO SPOILED!!!! Well, I still am 🙂 I love her so much.

My mom moved to Indiana in the middle of my Junior year of high school. I was SUPER involved in high school activities and did NOT want to move. Mom made the huge sacrifice of letting me live with my Grandma and Papa. How freaking awesome is that?! Rarely do people have the opportunity to get to know their grandparents on such a personal level. I value that time in my life so much and loved EVERY second.






Alright, rewind back to my childhood…. on Saturdays, it was over to Aunt Karen’s house. That woman was and will always be my personal hero. I can’t put into words how amazing she really is. SO much of who I am, my morals, my attitude, etc… all were instilled in me from a VERY young age! I don’t know how many times Aunt Karen made me look up the word integrity in the Dictionary. She’s such an incredible person. I’ve lived so much of my life trying to be like her. Man, I’m sorta teary right now. She really is my hero. She’s always been supportive of my big dreams. Still to this day, before making any big decisions in my life, I can’t do it without calling and getting the seal of approval from Aunt Karen. I SO wish she lived closer to me. There is SO much going on in the world of bobbi+mike right now (more on that soon) and while it’s all exciting to me I can’t help but wishing she were here to experience it all with me.





Happy Mother’s Day to four of the most amazing women I know.

Love you guys!

~ ❗ + ❓

PS. I’ve now received 6 emails… NO I AM NOT PREGNANT! 🙂 Just thought I would clear that up 🙂