Prepare yourself to smile… are you mentally ready for that? K. Good…01_indianapolisphotographer_gte15And nowwwww you can start smiling… 😀
02_indianapolisphotographer_gte15No your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you… 😉
03_indianapolisphotographer_gte15Every time I see another photographers’ chalk drawing I MUST take a photo in front of it. I’m convinced that someday someone will see that I hijacked their photo spot… It’s hilarious to me!  Okay, I’m weird. Shushing now… Soooo on brand!
06_indianapolisphotographer_gte15Oh you two are just the definition of fun. 😀05_indianapolisphotographer_gte15WEEEEE!YES YES YES! Love these two!04_indianapolisphotographer_gte15HA! Their idea… who was I to tell them no?! 😉09_indianapolisphotographer_gte1511_indianapolisphotographer_gte15WAAAACKY BOBBI STRIKES AGAIN!!!!10_indianapolisphotographer_gte1508_indianapolisphotographer_gte15Georgia’s grandfather bought this Buick LaSabre two years before she was born. When Georgia turned 16, she inherited it.  She’s been loyally driving it since. When I learned this I knew we haaaaaaaad to get photos with it! 😀
12_indianapolisphotographer_gte15Mike’s view. 13_indianapolisphotographer_gte15My view. BOOM! I love this image!!!!14_indianapolisphotographer_gte15My two favorites! ❗ That light?! I WAS DYYYYINNNNNG OVER IT!!! SOOO YUMMY!!!!!  (another version of my view…)15_indianapolisphotographer_gte15Ben grabbed one of the cameras and snapped this one… so, here’s HIS view… 😉16_indianapolisphotographer_gte15

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Indianapolis, Ind.

Together  :: 1.3.11

Georgia ::  Student  •  Hometown  ::  Crown Point, Ind.  •   five words  ::  Angelic, beautiful, impossible, passionate, and “wiener-dog like”

Tyler  ::  fire fighter  •  Hometown  ::  Homewood, Ill.  •   five words  ::  Charming, genuine, goofy, handsome, and lovable. 

How they met, as told by Georgia   ::   I had known Tyler since our freshman year of high school but was too shy to talk with him. In my eyes Tyler was one of the cool kids because he did sports and had a lot of friends; therefore he was obviously too cool for me because I was in Color-guard and did Improv. However, during our senior year of high school Tyler had tried out for Improv and I completely fell in love with his sense of humor; plus he does a killer Irish accent that can woo anyone. After a few months we just kind of fell together and have been that way ever since.  (I totally just realized I described the plot of High School Musical… oh goodness…)


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Heeeeere weeeeee aaaaaaare…. 😀17_indianapolisphotographer_gte15Hi Rachel! 18_indianapolisphotographer_gte15A rarity… both of us in one photo! 😀 Another photo credit to Ben.

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20_indianapolisphotographer_gte15Workshop #19. One of my favorite group shots ever… that car makes it! 😀 Thanks again to Ed our fabulous limo bus driver! 🙂 🙂 🙂21_indianapolisphotographer_gte15

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