Last time I photographed this family Evie was the same age as Josie. 😀01_SFam2015_bobbi02_SFam2015_bobbiThere’s a photo of me at the end taking the image on the left. 🙂
03_SFam2015_bobbi04_SFam2015_bobbiFaye, I’m obsessed with your freckles. It’s the most impressive freckle collection I’ve ever seen!  On the left, my favorite. ❗05_SFam2015_bobbiWhile we were walking around, Evie thought of this cool pose and asked me to take it. 06_SFam2015_bobbiNot to be outdone, Josie immediately found this beautiful coral door and followed suit with THIS fierce pose. Nailed it. 😉07_SFam2015_bobbi10_SFam2015_bobbiLove you guys!09_SFam2015_bobbiJosie was not clearly not impressed. 😉08_SFam2015_bobbi

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Tipp City, Ohio

faye+andy  ::  married 12 years  •  10.11.03

Faye  ::  hometown- Auburn, Ind  •  Photographer  ::  passionate, helpful, respectful, creative, talented, smart, beautiful, loving, caring, empathetic, health conscious

Andy  ::  hometown- Tipp City, Ohio  •  Engineer  ::  kind, intelligent, genuine, rational, calming

Evie  ::  5 years old   ::  smart, creative, acrobatic, snuggly, determined

Josie  ::  2.5 years old  ::  happy, expressive, foodie, curious, generous

your perfect Saturday  ::  The girls climb in bed with us around 730 and we all fall back to sleep till 9. Pancakes bacon and eggs breakfast we make together. We are at Norris lake all day on the water. Swimming and tubing with the girls and teaching them how to ski or whatever other water adventure they want to try. Multiple dance parties on the boat. Finishing up with a campfire and s’mores or snuggling with the girls in front of a movie and popcorn.

How they met, as told by Faye  ::  We were both in College, Andy at University of Dayton and me at OIP&T.  Andy played lead guitar in a rock band and I was classmates with his friend the drummer.  Luckily I went to one of their shows and was hooked on him!

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I posted this image to my Instagram right after I took it.  You see, I feel comfortable sharing the reality here on this blog post because Faye is a photographer herself, so she gets it. Here was the caption I wrote on Instagram:

What can I say?! Kids LOVE me! 😉 Being perfect is SOOO exhausting…. ammi right Internet?! Let’s be real; everything that comes outta this magical camera o’ mine is made of puuuuure sunshine, unicorns and rainbows! Thank you Evie and Josie for making life SO easy on me! PS. In all seriousness, I adore these two kids! Just sharing a bit of reality with those who need it today. Sometimes I look at incredible blog posts of my photography heroes and then I want to sell my cameras. Culled down social media versions of ourselves are just a fraction of real life.

You see, forced fun is rarely actually fun. The second I’d turn my camera away from them, they were aaaallllll smiles. 😀 Thanks to Faye and Andy for remaining patient throughout the whole session. 😀

11_SFam2015_bobbiYou can’t say it wasn’t for lack of effort! 😀12_SFam2015_bobbi

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Much love friends!

~bobbi ❗

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