Here’s a family that we absolutely, from the bottom of our hearts, adore. Faye and I have been email buddies for a number of years… as she’s a photographer in Dayton. 🙂 I couldn’t have BEEN more excited to photograph her family. She’s beautiful inside and out! Oh, and the freckles are a TOTAL bonus. 😀…not to mention that her family is perfect! Andy is the nicest of the nice. And Evie… ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!?! She’s the kind of kid that makes me want one for myself! AHHHHH!!!! SHE’S SO DAMN CUTE! My favorite ❗At first glance you’d think that Evie (pronounced EE-vee) looks identical to her dad. I thought so too until I was being a creeper on Facebook and ran across a photo of Faye as a baby. Uhm, yeah… as my G-mom would say, “There’s no denyin’ who her mama is!”However that mouth… that’s all Andy! 😀 This baby melts me!!!!!This age is my favorite to photograph 🙂


Indianapolis, Ind.

faye+andy  ::  married 8 years  •  10.11.03 (the day after Mike and me!)

Faye  ::  hometown: Auburn, Ind  •  Photographer

Andy  ::  hometown: Tipp City, Ohio  •  Quality Supply Engineer

Evie  ::  21 months  •  1.7.10

Where they live now  ::  Dayton, Ohio

How they met, as told by Faye  ::  “We were both in College, Andy at University of Dayton and me at OIP&T.  Andy played lead guitar in a rock band and I was classmates with his friend the drummer.  Luckily I went to one of their shows and was hooked on him!”


“Hey! That’s my headband!”Hmm… wonder where she learned this trick?! Being that these two images were taken within 20 seconds of each other… and the one on the right was taken first… I’d say it’s a clue! 

Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗  + ❓