In the HISTORY of bbmk engagement sessions… NEVER and I mean NEVER have we had a couple even 20% as playful & silly as these two.  You're about to see the amazingness that that equals 🙂 

Oh, hello bean. (My view)


 Mike's view. ARE YOU KIDDDDDDING ME WITH THAT?! GAH!!!!!! Mike's wins. One of my favorites ❗


 Remember middish January… when we had that winter storm warning in Chicago and Indianapolis??? You know… the one where most schools were canceled? The one where they told us to avoid driving? The one that Chicago accumulated 10" of snow… yeah, that one 🙂 Well, THAT was when we decided that the PERFECT engagement sessionesque snow would be falling in Chicago… So into our trusty FJ Cruiser we went… AND BOY OH BOY WAS IT WORRRRTH IT!!!! I'm in LOVE LOVE LOVE with every photo from this session. 




 See, told you they were fun 🙂


 Nothing wrong with a couple of snow angels in the middle of Millennium Park!  BTW, usually this park is PACCCCKED TO THE MAXXXX!!! However, THAT day… it was just the four of us and a lonely security guard. 🙂





 Another favorite!!!! ❗ It really is SO them… Save the dates? Yes. 🙂





 Shooting in the snow creates AMAZING black and whites. I'm in LOVE with the contrast. LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE! ANNNNND… ANOTHER FAVORITE! ❗ (gosh, what's the point of favorites if you pick them all?!)


Does this make you smile? It should. Because it's fun. Okay? k. NOW are you smiling???


 THENNNNN we went up to their apartment to warm up for a few minutes while they changed into some new clothes… 


 How much do you love those shoes!? BTW, we brought toe warmers and she had them in there (we actually all had them… but I think she needed them most!) Those things SAVED THE DAY!!!!!!


 My view…


 Mike's. And… his favorite ❓ He wins… again… hands down… Jerk. 😉


 Hi Chicago 🙂




Wedding: August 14, 2010 • Champaign, Ill.

badaboom badabing…

I'm a BIG fan of these two. Duhtown.

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓




Mike and I looked ridiculous… but we we were warm!


Hello security guard! Not so lonely now… 😉





 MY HILAAAAAARIOUS JOKES NEVER FAIL!!!! 😉 Though, admittedly… it's easy to make her laugh… 🙂 Those are my favorite kind of people. 😀

PS. for those who always ask me what my "hilarious jokes" are… I don't really have any… 🙁  I'm usually just being goofy or maybe saying something funny… Never any real "joke" with a punchline.   I think I just started referring to them as jokes to be goofy…. who knows. Sorry to disappoint. 😉


 ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THAT CUTENESS!? Dontchya just want to snuggle that husband up?! MAN OH MAN I'm THE luckiest girl in the world! Dont argue with me. He's hot tamales…. even in "bibs" while holding pink shoes. BOOOOYAH!!!!!!


 HELLOOOOO BOBBILICIOUS!!!! RE: the improvement of my teeth… I CANNOT EVEN TELL YOU HOW MUCH BETTERRRRRR THEY LOOOOOOK!!!!! A little over a year ago… my teeth were the definition of snaggle teeth.  Now, I'm (hopefully) almost through with Invisalign… and couldn't be happier.  I'm sure I'll be writing more about that process later… when they're done 🙂 

❗ + ❓