As you can see… Scott is OH SO funny! Notice the snoopy brush? Mike was jealous… not kidding.


A TIP: cut out the little straps used to hang up your dress… You most likely won't be hanging it up again (don't they usually go in boxes?)… and I GUARANTEEEEEEE YOU… even if think they're stuck in REALLY well… they WILL pop out… and they'll pop out at a time when I'm not able to help you push them back in… vow exchange, cake cutting, etc.  TRUST me on this!




 The two dads on the sidelines during bridal party photos 🙂 This makes me smile.


 Emily and Scott chose to see each other before hand… 


 Then, mom added the veil. 🙂


"Once in a lifetime you meet someone who changes Everything" What's in there? Lavender… later used to throw as they exited. 🙂 Cool idea, huh?!


EDITED TO ADD: I TOTALLY forgot to mention that THIS is where Mike and I got married… and boy oh boy shooting there together for the first time brought back SO many amazing memories. 🙂




 And THERE'S that lavender! 😀


 I asked Scott to make her laugh. it worked. My favorite ❗





 If you look closely to the photo on the left… you'll see that I switched the maid of honor with the best man… he's even carrying a bouquet 🙂 Just cause! WACKY BOBBI!!!!!  Oh, and that photo on the right… AYKM?! I LOOOOOOOVE MEN IN TUXES!!!!!!


They've been doing this pose since high school. 🙂 



A blue sky like this isn't too common here in Indianapolis. As you can tell, we took FULL advantage of it!


I love how much you love each other. Just do.



Scott and his best man Frank have been best friends for YEARS… they have a kind of friendship that I've never seen before… and it was perfecto.  You see, somewhere in the night… they decided to have a dance off… and I think it was the funniest thing I'd seen all month!  Who won?! Well… after about 5 minutes… Emily jumped out on the dance floor and CLEARLY took the prize!


 Emily's dad Jim with his two daughters… How can this not make you smile?


 PA-POW!!! LOVE THIS! Mikey's favorite ❓


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. I genuinely don't think I've met two nicer people in my entire life.  Everything they do and say exudes kindness… and everyone who's around them is always smiling.  It's amazing.

During Amanda, the maid of honor's speech… she said something along the lines of, "clearly you two are amazing people that are so loyal… because just LOOK at how long you hold on to each relationship" You see, Emily and Scott are high school sweet hearts. Almost  every single wedding party member Emily and Scott have known since middle school and earlier… WOW TO THAT Like I said earlier, I'm just so impressed with these two.

At the reception, I could NOT stop smiling… as a matter of fact… my cheeks hurt at the end of the night from all of the smiling! From the amazing speeches, loving parents, the dance off, a grandma who LOVED to boogie, seeing families we've worked with in the past, to Emily and Scott dancing to nearly every song… it really was the perfect evening. 🙂

One thing I HAVE to mention… everyone kept talking about how much they travel… I didn't think anything of it until I saw their slideshow running in a side room at the reception… now I don't FULLY remember EVERY photo, but there was a photo of them in Asia, in front of the Taj Mahal, on a camel in front of a pyramid in Egypt.  I KNOW there's more… So, I'm going to go do some Facebooking to be reminded of their amazing travels. Okay, I'm back… after a bit of research, here's what I've got, they studied abroad together in the UK and have spent a summer living in India and traveling across Asia.  Oh and Scott has also studied in the Czech Republic and Spain. AYKM?! ANNNNND they're two years younger than us. WHAT??!?!!  How absolutely awesome are they?!

Much MUCH love you two! Thank you for including us in SUCH a perfect day. 🙂

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

OK, you've waited oh so patiently!  Click here to view Emily's and Scott's slide show!  The user name is Emily's maiden name, and the password is Scott's last name, in all lower case.  The slide show page will also have a link to their entire gallery of photos! Enjoy!


 Whoever took this is an INCREDIBLE photographer. 😉


 Just as an FYI, there are only photos of me working this time… You see, its a LOT easier for Mike to grab snaps of me on a wedding day because I'm the one who's directing the shots… and often times Mike just doesn't have an angle because, for the most part… I like to shoot really close to people… and I'm all over the place. 🙂 There is NO ONE who could shoot with me but him… and I'm SO thankful for him.




 I LOOOOVE HIGH FIVES!!! They motivate me 😉


 Okay okay… if you must know… I was kicking my leg up to make them laugh.  The good news… It worked. 🙂

❗ + ❓