Emily, like yours truly, never wears makeup… when she saw her reflection in the mirror… her jaw dropped, "wowwww…."


 …meanwhile… the guys went in for a shave… where they appear to have props 😉




Time to get serious folks.





That's Emily's sister Leslie helping with the veil… I called her Katherine all day 🙂 And why did I call her that?! Because I think she happens to look JUST like Katherine Heigl!


 Are you kidding me with that gorgeousness?!


 One of my favorites ❗


 This photo CRACKS me up… the guys were running pretty late getting ready… so, I'm guessing Nick saw it as more efficient not to unbutton then re-button his shirt, but rather… just put it on over his head.



 waiting… 🙂


 This photo = perfection. Mikey's favorite ❓



 It was FAREEEEEEZING outside!!!! As in… -4° windchill.  As in… the COLDEST we've EVER shot in, EVER. As in… we shot these in 5 minutes… GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!! I'm telling you, they were trooooopers! 🙂


 Bring it in tiiiiiiight 🙂


 Wacky Bobbi!


 I adore you two 🙂


 Nick drives a SmartCar… Emily surprised him with a grooms cake shaped as one!


 …right before they were announced…





 They took lessons 🙂 Cantchya tell?!  Another favorite ❗


I love love love how snuggled in she is…

side note for photographers: EMBRACE THE GRAIN!!!!!! 😉



 …..and they're off!




The people who made this day happen:

Hair: Heather Price at A Do Hair Design
Makeup artist: Kelly Moffitt
Church: Meridian Street United Methodist
Florist: Pam Avenius at JP Parker
Reception venue: Indianapolis Museum of Art
DJ: Mark Beecher
Cake: Kahn's
Wedding planner: Rayna Traylor



Favorite Moments (according to emily+nick)

too many!! Nick and I could not believe how quickly everything went by!

1. Seeing Nick for the first time at the end of the aisle (duh)
2. When Nick started crying during our vows… ok, so did I 🙂
3. Dancing with my dad at the reception
4. Seeing everyone at the ceremony and reception who traveled in 5 degree weather to celebrate with us!

The whole day, there wasn't anything that wasn't perfect! But if I had to choose, when Emily walked down the aisle.



Emily and Nick, your day was truly something I'll carry with me forever… from the fun we had at the salon (thanks for the Tomato soup!) to the first dance… the entire day really was perfection.  Oh, and your friends make me laugh… LOVE me some band-o's!!!!! 😉


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

PS. As they were RUNNNNNING out the door… we very quickly tried to grab a photo of the four of us… but it didn't turn out 🙁

PPS. So, blog readers… what did you think of the new content???



 I look like I'm wearing one of those Jamaican style hats with the dreads included… except mine is the carrot top version 🙂

❗ + ❓