Emilie and Micah are a husband and wife photo team based out of St. Louis… they came to our workshop last year; after the first day (of two) Mike gets a text from Micah… “YOU MUST TAKE OUR FAMILY PHOTOS OR I WILL PAINT YOUR HOUSE GREEN!” I mean… maybe that’s not exaaaactly what he said… but whatever… I paraphrased… you get the idea. 😉 As soon as they got back home and settled, we started making it happen. 🙂
We’ve photographed this brick wall quite a few times… and it never gets old to me. 😉Mallory, you’re guaranteed to be a star. There aren’t many 9 year olds who have the confidence that sweet Mallory has. This kid is going places. Just you wait and see!
I can’t get over how grown up she acts and looks to be so young. My mom used to always say the same thing about me when I was her age. I think it may be an only child thing as you spend most of your time with grown ups.…a quick outfit and location change later…LOVE THIS ONE! My view. Mike’s view. WACKY MIKE STRIKES AGAIN!!!! 😉I love how much you two love each other.
I’ve had a few photographers ask how I pose people for the laying down pics. I simply ask them to lay down as though they were snuggling in bed. And now you know. 😉Ohhhh Emilie! You’re gorgeous! Thanks team for asking us to photograph your family. We had a blast! Furthermore, I’m glad you didn’t paint our house green! 😉

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Indianapolis, Ind.

emilie+micah+mallory  •  from Edwardsville, Ill.  •  Married 2 years  ::  8.20.11

How they met, as told by Micah  :: We first met each other in college where we had several music classes together. A few weeks into school, I went to my old High School’s football game and saw Emilie there with her daughter Mallory. I vividly remember being so impressed by the interaction between the two of them. The next Monday, we struck up a conversation in Piano class. Later that week, I heard her sing for the first time and I was hooked!

Emilie ::  hometown –  Edwardsville, Ill. –   ::  choir director  //  appraisal assistant  // photographer   ::   five words – beautiful, thoughtful, loving, musical, insightful

Micah  ::  hometown –  Edwardsville, Ill.  ::  technical arts coordinator  // photographer  ::  five words –  lovable, constant, smart, funny, reliable

Mallory  ::  9 years old  ::  born 12.31.03  ::  five words – confident, energetic, musical, dramatic, loving

Your perfect Saturday  ::   Slowly rolling out of bed around 11am….we all like to sleep in!  Then brunch at home followed by an afternoon/evening spent hanging out with family and friends.  Nature, games, good food, music, maybe a movie….perfecto!

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Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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PS. The whole house “paint your house green” threat was totally made up. JUSSSST in case you took me literally, I thought I’d throw that disclaimer out there. 😉

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