so…. last week I got an odd email from a girl named Natasha Williams. It went something like this:





My name is Natasha Williams, I live and work in Aberdeen. I met my husband who is a south African last year and we would like to seal it this April.

My parents insisted that we must have a traditional wedding their and later pick a country of our choice for the church wedding and so we have decided to do it in the US because he has relatives in the STATE and it has always been my dreams to wed in the UNITED STATES. So we have chosen somewhere in indianapolis, INDIANA in USA.

In the light of this, we would need a professional photographer to help us cover the events in there in the state, because we believe it will not be cost wise to include a photographer to the list of people that will be coming for our wedding in the UNITED STATES. As regards, the size of the wedding and the size or dimension of the photographs to be taken at the event, my planner will be coming over to your office for he will be in the best position to give my requirement and other necessary details.

1.)So I want to know if you will be available to provide service at the event which will come up on the 26th of April this year,

2.)You shall be arriving 1 day before the ceremony to avoid disappointment (It depends).,

3.)I want to know how much you charge for the service excluding transportation and accommodation for it will be taken care.,

4.)I want to know your deposit so as to get assured of the date without any form of disappointment.

Due to the nature of my job, we intend paying with a certified cashiers drawn in the US bank and made payable in full to you or your company. If you don’t have problem with that let me have the Full NAME and ADDRESS want the payment mailed to.






I got a few emails from other wedding photographers both in Indianapolis and other parts of the country telling me that they had received it, too… so I know there are a LOT of us getting it. One photographer told me that she was having to deal with some lady who needed them to send a cashiers check to get the ball rolling. I asked if her name was Natasha Williams. She said, “how’d you know!?” My response… “because it’s a scam” She was shocked. And while I thought the email was CLEARLY a scam… some may not recognize it as quickly. So, I guess I just thought that maybe I should tell you all in case you didn’t notice it was a NOT a good deal…

You know you’ve made it to the big time when you start getting email scams 🙂

So, Natasha… good luck finding that perfect wedding photographer!

And because no one pays attention to posts without photos… here’s a visual representation of my feelings for you Miss “Natasha Williams” Okay… I’m OFFICIALLY a dork. 😀




~ ❗ +

PS. that photo was taken towards the end of a 15 hour day… I promise you that I don’t start my day looking like that hot mess. HA!