We headed out to the University of Michigan's campus for photos of these two. 😀
 SO happy!
 Mikey's favorite ❓
 When I showed this to Elissa on the back of my camera she started to tear up 🙂
U of M has lots of fun little photo op hidden treasures
 I don't mean to be so funny… 😉
 Another treasure… Or… a place to park your bicycle 😉
 One of my favorites ❗
 After posing for this one… Elissa said that she knew she'd like this one. 😀
 Then off to Michigan Stadium where Mark proposed 😀 Here we're standing only about 20 feet from where it all happened 🙂  The stadium is under construction… so this is as far as we could get.
 Across the street Mikey found an awesome spot of sun.  They worked it out!
Elissa and Mark booked us via email… so, this was the first time we met them. 😀  I was so excited… because I just KNEW they were going to be awesome… and go figure… they ARE! 😀 HA!  Elissa and Mark have been together since high school… I can't remember how long… 8 years maybe? WOW to that!  
We've been on a LOT of college campuses… however, the University of Michigan is in a league of it's own.  Everything was so greeeeeeeeen!  Amazing landscaping, buildings covered in ivy, awesomely unique trees, etc…. GREEEEEEEN!  There were also a LOT of people.  We were there during summer break… and the campus was PACKED!!!!! Like… PAAAAAAACKED!  I cannot imagine what it's like there in during the school year…. WOWZAS!
We cannot wait for their December wedding!
~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓
I love Mike 😀
So this is DEFINITELY the MOST random thing we've EVERRRRRRRRRRRR seen on a shoot!!!!! EVERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!  I mean… a Barbara Streisand album… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  HAHAHA!
❗ + ❓