Anotherrrr workshop session comin’ atchya! 😉

Proud of these images my friends. 😀
01_bobbimike_ejm1402_bobbimike_ejm14Ohhhh how I love symmetry!
03_bobbimike_ejm14HAHAHA! 😀04_bobbimike_ejm14You have to admit that’s an impressively awesome beard! 05_bobbimike_ejm14I love how much you love her. 06_bobbimike_ejm14OHHHH ELISE!!!! YOU! ARE! SO! BEAUUUUTIFULLLL!!!!! Mike’s favorite ❓07_bobbimike_ejm1408_bobbimike_ejm14You two are just the cutest. 🙂
09_bobbimike_ejm14Have I mentioned how proud of these images I am? Because I am. I AM!
10_bobbimike_ejm1411_bobbimike_ejm14The workshop attendees requested a Wacky Bobbi photo… we here at BBMK Enterprises aim to please! 😉12_bobbimike_ejm1413_bobbimike_ejm14Thanks friends for being down with all of my crazy ideas. 🙂14_bobbimike_ejm14We got SOOO lucky with awesome weather for all six of our workshop sessions! Usually the opposite is the case… My favorite ❗15_bobbimike_ejm14You two are meant for each other… congratulations on your first year of marriage! 16_bobbimike_ejm14“…may the odds be ever in your favor…” 😀
17_bobbimike_ejm14WHAAAAT?! I’M IN LOOOOVE WITH THIS!!!! 18_bobbimike_ejm14

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Indianapolis, Ind.

Together  ::  11.1.11  •  Wedding  ::  May 10, 2014  ::  Indianapolis, Ind.

Elise ::  Accountant and Blogger  ::  Hometown  •  Apple Creek, Ohio  ::   five words  •  stunning, smart, hilarious, influential, visionary

Joel  ::  Musician and Creative Arts Director  •  Hometown  •  Monroe, Ind.  ::   five words  •  strong, handsome, witty, affectionate, optimist

How they met, as told by Elise ::  We met in a church parking lot when we were both running late one Sunday. I remember thinking that I wasn’t going to meet anyone that day, and was shocked when this gorgeous, bearded guy randomly showed up at church. He smiled at me, we chatted, and he asked me out on our first date the following week!


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Taken in one of those reflecting windows… I wonder what was on the other side of the window… 😀 PS. Mike… You are ridiculous. 🙂
19_bobbimike_ejm14Shooting position #741. 😉
21_bobbimike_ejm14HIII BENNNN! These two images were taken at the exact same time. 🙂 20_bobbimike_ejm14You know you’re at a bbmk session when you’re  asked to lay on the ground… 😉22_bobbimike_ejm14Yep… you guessed it… that’s Mike… you know… just flyyyyyinnnnng through the air… the norm…. 😀23_bobbimike_ejm14Us with our Carey Limo Bus. 🙂 PS. brides… if you’re in need of transportation on your wedding day… call Carey Limo and ask that Ed be your driver. 😉 K? k. 24_bobbimike_ejm14HEEEERE WEEEEE ARRRRRE! Workshop #16. Photo by Ed. 🙂25_bobbimike_ejm14

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A HUGE thanks to ProDPIRenaissance AlbumsRewind DocumentariesSecond Street CreativeVSCOLawTogProPhoto BlogBlogStompAlbumDraft, annnnnd The Bobbi Shop 😉 for your contributions to our workshop! 😀

Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike (and best friend Ben) ❗ + ❓

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