Meet Divina and Nick… They’re ridiculously good looking and OH SO fun. I laughed so much at this session that my abs were sore the next day!
We met  them at a wedding in 2006… TWO THOUSAND AND SIX! SEVENNNN YEEEEEEARS AGO! Man oh man, that’s crazy to me…. that we’ve been doing this for over seven years now… WHOA!Holy hot tamales Batman… KAPOW!They’re getting married on September 28th…. so this seemed fitting. 🙂HELLOOOOOO NURSE! 😉
Oh, and let’s take a second to talk about her leopard skin pants… WOW.ZERS!  Not many people could pull this off…. but you Divina… you have some leopard skin pant swagger! 😀
That image on the left, it’s my favorite. ❗ WHOA! …then a quick outfit change 🙂 My view.…and Mike’s view.Mike’s favorite ❓ 

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Indianapolis, Ind.

Wedding  ::  9.28.13  ::  Merrillville, Ind.  •  Together  ::  8.15.06  •  Engaged  ::  10.27.12

Divina ::  Leasing Manager  ::  Hometown  •  Hebron, Ind.  ::   five words  •  Beautiful, Intelligent, Caring, Bad Ass, Strong

Nick  ::  Registered Nurse  •  Hometown  •  Merrillville, Ind.  ::   five words  •  Charming, Sweet, Witty, Loving, Super Hero

How they met, as told by Divina  ::  We were introduced through my MOH ironically, a group of us met out to go see a movie (Ice Age – Animated movies are really the only way to go).  Nick asked to see my phone, which was the latest, most popular color screen flip phone.  I, trying to be polite complied and this is where I should have known i’d be stuck with him for a long, long time.  As he handed it back, he said “Just so you know, I called myself from your phone so I have your number and I also programmed my number into your phone.”  At this time, quite strange – however, it lead to an awesome friendship that led us to where we are today.  Getting hitched!

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I will not tell a lie… that bush was not comfortable.
I have no idea what’s going on here… I do know that it isn’t what it appears! But whatever… it made me laugh so I’m posting it. 😉…nothing like an intimate moment… in the middle of the street! 😀

[br] [br] See you in September!

Much love friends,

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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