Sorry I've been a bit absent 🙁 We've been so busy these past couple of weeks!  Here's just a big of what we've been working on:

  • designing albums
  • trying to FINALLY prepare our studio for guests (and we're still far from done… argh!)
  • getting ready to attend a workshop in Santa Fe….
  • preparing myself to speak at local photographer event (Mike's going to be out of town… I'm doing this alllll alone…. AHHHHH!). 

So, needless to say… the blog has been a bit neglected 🙁

ANNNNNNNNNND like always… here's a photo 🙂

Here I am with one of my absolute favorite photographers/people 😀 If you don't know Angelica Glass, you need to 😀 Click on the link, JUST DO IT!


Angelica is such a badass… and she's famous for never smiling in photos (even though she has a BEAUUUUUTIFUL smile!)… so, I attempted my best badass face.  Yes yes yes, I know I suck at it.  Seriously, I look like an angry kisser….. WEIRD!!!!!  Please Angelica… next time we have a photo together, we're both smiling, k? I conformed for you… now you must conform for me. 😀 

Back on topic…. I promise you that April will be a MUCH more active blog month 😀 Thanks for stickin' around anyway 😀