Danielle with her little sister. 🙂…meanwhile… Those shoes?! Incredible!
For Sheridan’s best men… personalized baseball bats. 🙂Whoa. Gorgeous.This dress was incredible. So great to photograph!I adooooored these bridesmaids! Holy wow. Favorite. ❗ You know, this might be my favorite bridal portrait I’ve ever taken. Ever. ❗Me love symmetry!
SO stinking CUTE!
Was this really Indiana?! You betchya!See the tables set up near the house? Yep… that’s their reception. 🙂 This was one of the coolest things I’d ever seen… This is a time capsule that they nailed shut and will open up on their five year anniversary. In it was a bottle of wine that their friends from Italy brought and I think they each wrote a letter to each other… but, this is all from memory, I could be totally wrong. Danielle, you’re prettier than Christina Ricci. Just sayin’. 😉
ga-ga-GA-GAAA-GORGEOUS!I could have photographed portraits of the two of them all day! I love love. 🙂

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columbus, ind.

hair  •  Jill Impelliazeri
makeup  •  Maddie Wenning
florist  •  Joyce Moeller
strings  •  Esther Kim & Joe Kaiser
band  •  Janiece Jaffe
cake  •  Aunt Judy’s Country Kitchen
dress  •  Vera Wang White

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their songs

processional • “Star Fell on Alabama” –Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
first dance  • “Come Live with Me” –Ray Charles
father/daughter  • “Isn’t She Lovely” –Stevie Wonder   •  “My Girl” –The Temptations
mother/son  • “You are the Sunshine of my Life” –Stevie Wonder


What was the most memorable moment of your day?

danielle:  First, our vows.  They were so perfectly us.  Second, at the end of the night, we went to the opposite side of the gardens to take everything in and watch all of our favorite people enjoying themselves.  The guitarist from the band came over and played us a song.  It was like our own personal, perfect concert.  Such a wonderful way to end our night.

sheridan: By far the most memorable moment was when she was walking down the isle.  We decided not to see each other, day of, until the ceremony.  Before that moment, I was worrying about so many things such as music, weather, caterer, etc., but as soon as I saw her in that dress my focus narrowed to her and everything else became background noise.  I immediately was able to realize what was important:  my wife.


Any advice for future bride/grooms?

danielle: Make your day fit your personalities and your relationship.  Our day was so relaxing and fantastic because we made sure it was a celebration of our love–it was all very us.

sheridan: Don’t micromanage.  Things will go wrong.  Laugh it off and enjoy the moment.


Funniest memory from your wedding day?

danielle: At the end of the reception, we went upstairs to our room and looked down at the gardens.  A group of our favorite people ever were still down there dancing and singing (loudly).  There was a particularly moving performance of an All-4-One song.

sheridan: My nephews having a laughing contest.


If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

danielle: Absolutely not.

sheridan:  Yes.  I would have chosen the turkey instead of the pork loin.


Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Puerto Rico

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[br] [br] [br] Thanks for being you… and asking us to capture your day. We love you both!


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