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 For those who don't live in the Midwest…No, we didn't drive to Florida for this session. Yes yes yes, there IS a Miami University in Ohio.


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OXFORD, Ohio. We met Courtney and Jordan at Amy and Josh's wedding (they were VERY freshly engaged).  You see, she, along with Amy and Steve is a "card club kid". What the heck IS that?! Lucky for you, I'm about to tell you! 🙂 There's a group of women from Tell City, Ind who've been playing cards with each other for YEEEEEEARS!  Well, as a result all of their kids have grown up together… and are the best of friends. Call it a hunch, but I bet you'll be seeing even more card club kids on this blog in the future. 

Both Courtney and Jordan are graphic designers. As we were walking around, we saw a Huffy bike chained up… Jordan looked a little closer and saw one of his designs as a decal. How flipping AWESOME is THAT?!

Can't wait for 11.21.09 🙂

Much love!

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