Almost every bride has the same get ready routine as it's quite the process to prepare for the big day…. hair, makeup, dress, etc. Guys, however… It's always interesting to see what they do to fill their time before putting their tux on 🙂 This team… poker.


 Then they made lunch 🙂 We here in the midwest are quite the creative bunch!  That contraption on the right? It's a drill attachment used to push a potato through that little cutting device to make, according to Mike, the YUMMIEST french fries/curly fries EVER!  Oh, and in case you were wondering… yes yes yes, they're deep fried 😀 Sounds YUMTOWN to me! 🙂 



 Meanwhile… meet Courtney's mom Cindia 🙂


And of course, Courtney!



 I LOVE when a bride doesn't wear white shoes 🙂


 ADORED these bridesmaids! That car behind the girls has been in Courtney's family since 1941.


The first look 🙂 (if you're getting married after Daylight Savings time keep in mind that, ESPECIALLY here in Indiana, the sun sets SUPER early… it's almost not an option to see each other before the ceremony if you want outdoor naturally lit photos… so keep that in mind when planning your day 🙂 )


 I was with Courtney all morning… her face didn't light up like this until she saw Jordan 🙂 



 Courtney, you're beautiful 🙂

My view…


 Mikey's view… 🙂


 F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E!!!!! ❗


 Okay okay… so I loved this car 🙂


Mikey's favorite ❓


 Jordan's gift



Not gonna lie, proud of this one 🙂


 Jordan dancing with his mom while Courtney watches…


 This guy did the BEST worm I've ever seen… and I've seen LOTS!  Uhm… I have a personal question for all of you male wormers out there… how does it NOT hurt your special parts? Okay… maybe that was too personal for the blog.  Whatever… I still wanna know!


CINCINNATI, Ohio.  COURTNEY AND JORDANNNNN!!!!!!! 🙂 OH what fun we had at your wedding 😀 For anyone who saw me at the reception… there's NO denying that I was having fun 😀 You see, this is the THIRD wedding from this group of friends and their parents…. so, not only do I love all of the couples there… I've fallen in love with their friends and ALLLLLL of the familes. 🙂 We REALLY and truly felt like guests with fancy cameras.

Courtney and Jordan are BOTH graphic designers… so, as you can imagine… not ONE detail was overlooked! From the guest bags to the menu cards, it all looked PERFECTO 🙂

Speaking of perfect… A late Novemeber wedding with 60° and sunny?! We couldn't have been more lucky with the weather… and took FULL advantage of it 😀 YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH!

Thanks for being our friends 😀 We adore you guys…

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

You guessed it.  Slide show.  Click here.  User name is Courtney's maiden name, and the password is Jordan's last name, in all lower case.  there will be a link to their full gallery at the bottom of the slide show.  Enjoy!


 By the end of the night… Mike and I look ROUGH!  We should really take this earlier in the day… but, there's just no time for it.  ON THE OTHER HAND… Courtney's hair poof still looks AMAZING! Don't lie, were you wearing a bump-it? 😉


 HELLLLLL YEAH TO ALLLLL OF THEEEEEESE BRIIIIIIIDES!!!!!! From left to right… Kristi, Courtney, me, Jenna and Amy.  Kristi and Kyle's wedding will be in April 🙂


 [b]obbi strikes again!  If you got that… you're most likely a photographer 🙂  



 My husband is the shiz.


 I look like I'm reprimanding them 🙂 Really though… they couldn't hear me through the car so I directed using bobbi-sign language 😀

❗ + ❓