Is this team the definition of perfect american family, or what?! Mike’s favorite ❓
William has the reddest hair I’ve ever seen in person. One of my favorites ❗We photographed this session ON Stella’s 2nd birthday.  That morning she hopped out of bed and requested bacon. You know, that’s all she talked about for almost the entirety of the session… bacon.  I’m not being funny right now. So if she wasn’t feeling it for a photo all we had to was talk about bacon. I’m NOT TELLING YOU LIES RIGHT NOW! It just may have been the cutest/most random thing I’ve ever seen at a family session. 🙂
OHHHHH WILLIAM! HOW DID YOU GET SO HANNNNNDSOME?!?!?I think this was their first family session… but not for lack of trying.  Corrie, sorry we’re sooooo popular! 😉
I adore this family, don’t you?! I’ll answer for you.  Yes you do! …an outfit and location change…
Ohhhhh these two!
Later in the session I said, “I like the double letter thing you have going on with the family… you know like co-RR-ie, ji-LL, wi-LL-iam, ste-LL-a…”

Corrie and Jill look at each other puzzled… “Hm… we’ve never noticed that!”

You’re welcome for that. 😉

Stella has more personality than most adults. 😀 If you know her you know how right I am!It’s no wonder William and Stella are ridiculously cute… have you seeeeeen their parents?!

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Cincinnati, Ohio.

corrie+jill  ::  married 8 years  ::  2.26.05

How they met, as told by Corrie  ::  At a bar in college. I knew Jill’s cousin and he was a little tipsy at a bar.. I went to check on him to make sure he was okay and she came over to yell at me!  Next day she asked her cousin about me and he said no no no he is not like that. He then called me to set up our first date.

Jill  ::  hometown – Independence, Ky.  •  Pediatrician  ::  five words – feisty, smart, awesome mom, caring 

Corrie  ::  hometown – Cincinnati, Ohio.  •  Photographer  ::  five words – dedicated, dramatic, playful, entertaining, caring

William  ::  4 years old  ::  born 11.26.08  ::  five words – spunky, goofy, silly, all boy 

Stella  ::  1 year old  ::  born 6.4.11  ::  five words – sweet, daddy’s girl, rotten, little

Your perfect Saturday  ::  Reds game and grilling out.

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Mike the kid whisperer… 😉
Sitting still isn’t her strongest suit. 😀 It’s okay Stella Bella… that makes two of us. 😉
[br] [br] [br]Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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