I hadn’t photographed Corrie’s family since Zachary was only months old… it was time. 😀 So, we headed into town, walked around for about 30 minutes and made it happen!
They are such a good looking family!Zachary art-directed most of this session… so if you see some cool poses you like, be sure to credit him. 😉Mom and dad are clearly quite impressed. Aubrey Jo however, she’s seen better jumps… pshhhh…Love this. Someday Zachary is going to be as tall as his dad… and when that day comes he’ll love this image even more. 🙂Another cool photo art-directed by Zach!I flipping adore this team. My favorite… ❗ and for the record, I’m taking the credit for this one. 😉

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Kansas City, Mo.

corrie+jeff  ::  married 5 ½ years • 10.14.06

How they met (as told my Corrie)   ::   “Long story short, we met at a bar.  He was a tall drink of water and I was thirsty (HAHAHAHAAAA!!!!)  Jeff said he could tell right away I didn’t like dating games etc. so we hit if off pretty quickly. Marriage, a house, and two kids later we’re still breathing.”

Corrie  ::  hometown: Kansas City, Mo  •  Deputy Juvenile Officer  ::  loving, caring, thoughtful, concerned, funny (according to Jeff)

Jeff  ::  Lenexa, Kan.  •  Service Tech and Handyman ::  bona fide/genuine, blue-collar, honest, productive, musician (according to Corrie)

Zachary  ::   almost four years old   •   7.5.08  •  curious, fierce, loud, silly, ninja

Aubrey Jo  ::  9 months old  •  8.11.11  •  adorable, content, huggable, innocent, 2nd-gen grigh in training (GIT) HA!

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