Just so you know… Corrie is my BESSSSSSST FRIEND in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD and she’s (are you ready?) PREGNANT!!!!!!





Jeff is SO handsome! This is her FAVORITE photo 🙂





…and VERY tall! I had to photograph them on my tip toes. 😀









A little glimpse of that BABY! 😀

















I saw this mural and asked them if they were patriotic… Jeff’s response, “I’m in the Union.” So… we went with it. 😀 He’s funny. I happen to LOVE this photo!!!!





This one was taken at 9pm. 🙂 It’s my favorite ❗




KANSAS CITY, Mo. MY BEST FRIEND IS HAVING A BAAAAAAAAABY!!!!!!! I am SOOOO freaking excited! Corrie and I have been best friends since 7th grade… we’re both only children… so, she’s the closest thing I have to a sister. When I found out the big news, I immediately started planning a little trip just for me to come visit her here (Mikey’s in Fort Wayne). AHHHH!!!!! SHE GOT A BABY IN HER BELLY!!!!! I’ve been telling everyone I know (and even people I don’t know) about her being pregnant. “Hi, my best friend has a baby in her belly.” I’M SO EXCIIIIIITED!!!!!!!!!

Corrie loves when I tell her funny stories. Stories like babysitting while the cat was puking the whole time… and I followed the cat around with a paper plate because I didn’t know what to do… you had to be there… it was SO funny! She knows my stories better than I do. We have our own language… it annoys everyone around us. We don’t care… To us, we’re HILARIOUS! 😀 We call each other “grigh” in a growling tone… we’ve been calling each other that for YEARS! In the 9th grade, they canceled school and we played dress up in my mom’s box of clothes from the 80’s. We like to have parties… but we’re the only ones there and they usually only last for 10 seconds. We like to play the game “SORRY!” Corrie likes to make fun of me for my wardrobe from the 8th grade (I had orange shoes that were too big… GET OVER IT!). We LOVE to hang out at G-Moms house and eat cookie dough. She was an AMAAAAZING athlete (got “Athlete of the Year” all four years) and I went to every game to include the away games (I was voted “Most Spirited” because I was the biggest fan 🙂 ). In the 11th grade her jerk boyfriend broke up with her and we drove to St. Joe… I played her female empowerment songs (we still love those songs). That same year Jake Wood (meanie!) threw a Subway wrapper at my head and ALLLL of the “cool” seniors laughed at me…. Corrie was sitting with me and I told him off. Corrie thought they were going to “kick our ass after school.” They didn’t, they were probably scared of us. HA!

She has and and always will be my best friend. I can’t wait to tell all of our funny stories to her son or daughter. I hope they don’t think we’re dorky… but, let’s face it, WE ARE!

She and Jeff are PERFECT for each other! He’s genuine, patient, funny, talented and OH SO handsome. I love to watch them together. Their baby is due July 1… 😀 AHHHH!!!!! Don’t you guys worry… there will be LOTS of photos of THAT BABY!


~aunt grigh ❗ +