IBTPP This is my favorite! ❗










How sweet is this photo?! It’s just so relaxing 🙂 Sign me up for some snuggling/napping with my wondy husband.










When I showed her this one in the back of the camera she exclaimed, “OH MY GOD MY BELLY IS HUUUUUGE!” She doesn’t really see herself from all of these different angles and it was a little shocking to her. If you ask me… she looks more than 7 months. Maybe the baby will get Grandpa John’s physique 🙂









Corrie’s only request. 🙂 I happen to love it.





All done, let’s go get some dinna!





KANSAS CITY, Mo. CORRRRRRRRRIE!!!!!!!! Maybe you all remember my best friend from THIS entry… if not, it’s time for you to meet the AH-MA-ZINNNNNNNNG Corrie! Quick recap… we’ve known each other since we were nine years old… became best friends in 7th grade and well… now she’s having a baby. 😀

I went to KC for three reasons: 1) to take Corrie’s maternity photos. 2) to be there for Heather’s studio grand opening. 3) to photo a couple of KC portrait sessions. BONUS) got to spend Mother’s Day with Aunt Karen & G-Mom. CHECK AND MARK! When I was in KC in January, Corrie asked me if I knew anyone who could take her maternity photos when she was about 7 months along. Of course I do… but… you’re sorta stuck with me. So, I started planning my trip.

I’ve gotta tell you, it’s the STRANGEST thing seeing your BFF from childhood pregnant. She got out of Jeff’s truck and I FREEEEEEAKED OUT!!!! I’m like, “OH MY GOD! YOU HAVE A BABY IN YOUR BELLY!” Duh Bobbi, yeah… I’m so obnoxious. I kinda couldn’t get over how grown up we are! WOWZERS!

Quick side note: It’s SO cool to be a photographer and to REALLY share and capture the most monumental occasions in someones life. Know what I mean?

OH… IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!! His name is going to be Zachary Elliott.

This session was much different than the last one we did. I’m not really sure if I can explain why… it just was. There was a peacefulness about them that was all so new to me in the world of Corrie and Jeff. Corrie was more beautiful than I’ve EVER seen her, Jeff was more relaxed than I’d ever seen him and they were even more RIDICULOUSLY in love. Yeah… I just got cheesey, leave me alone.

Another thing I love about this session? I shot it ON Mother’s Day. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

I cannot wait to see Corrie and Jeff as parents! Corrie has been working with children since high school. In college she worked for an after-school program called “Adventure Club” at Winnwood Elementary (GO WILDCATS! 😀 HA! 🙂 ) Then, after she received her degree in Social Work she started working with kids who had been taken out of their home and were not yet placed in the Foster Care system. NOW, she’s a Juvenile Detention Officer in Liberty, Missouri. When we were at dinner that night, I mentioned to Jeff that I knew he was going to be SUCH a great daddy because of how patient he is. He said, “I’m kind of a pushover… luckily Corrie’s pretty hard core.” I’m like… WHAT?! NO WAY!!!!! Oh wait.. given Corrie’s career path… I can only imagine! That kid isn’t getting away with ANYTHING!!!!! HA!

I’m so excited to meet him! I wonder who he’ll look like? They’re both so attractive that the kid is guaranteed to be hot.

And by the way, Corrie and I never really call each other by name… it’s always ALWAYS been “Grigh” I mentioned this in the last post with her in it. But I think it’s SO funny when she leaves comments and calls me that. I bet people are like… WHAT THE HELL IS THAT WOMAN SAYING?! It’s kind of our thing… so, go with it! She reads this blog every day. 🙂 How lucky am I to have such a loyal friend? OH SO lucky! 😀

I hate not living close. Lately, it’s been really bothering me how much I miss Kansas City. Between Corrie having a baby, my family (especially Aunt Karen and G-Mom) and now Heather Cole in my life… I miss it SOOOO much! I’m planning on traveling there more than ever in the future. My next trip back is in July… why July?! BECAUSE THAT BABY WILL BE HERE THEN!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! 😀

Love you two. Thanks so much for letting me capture such an awesome time in your life. 🙂 Until next time…

~bobbi+ ❗ (AKA, Aunt Grigh)


Look what I found… Taken on May 28, 1999. We were on our way over to our high school graduation rehearsal. See what the shirt says? “We’ve come a long, long way together.” Oh how true that is! And PS. that was our senior shirt… a lot of people wore them on the last day of school. I assure you that we weren’t THAT dorky to wear matching BFF outfits. HA!