I know that many of you are refreshing like crazy… so excited to see your entry… 

We're shooooting and shooooooting and SHOOOOOOTING and traveling traveling TRAVELING so much that we're hardly home long enough to edit photos… but, rest assured that this blog is about to BLOW up with some amazingness 😀


In no particular order:

jennifer+john+nathan | family

katie+burny | wedding

nicole+ari | engagement

marisa+anthony | wedding

vasilia+elias | wedding

laura+chuck | engagement


I'm so so so excited to show you all of these 😀

In the meantime, we're in Denver for Ashley+Chris' wedding. WOWZA we're excited about this! 🙂

Thank you ALL for your patience… cannot WAIT to show you what we've had going on!  In the meantime… stay awesome, k? k!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓