We walked in to see THIS!  AYKM?!






Doesn't this make you smile!?



uhm, badass! (Did I just say that on my blog?!)





What I love about this image is if you look right above her handkerchief you can see Tom's name where he signed it.  You probably can't see it because the photo is too small here on the blog, but I assure you… it's there 😀



…some last minute touchups. 😉



The bouquet is sitting on the exterior of the church.  Guests were arriving and looking at me like I was crazy. I suppose I'm used to that. 😉



You guys know how much I love these final moments before dad officially gives away his daughter… makes me think of my dad.  Mikey's favorite ❓
















They got married in the evening… so by photo time… no daylight left.  So, we got creative!








Dad's giving his speech as mom looks on.




There were SO many flash bulbs going off during the father-daughter dance.  So, I put my camera on rapid fire HOPING to grab one of those flashes… and DID! YAHOOOOSKI!  Notice the flower girl on the right side swinging her dress around? 😉



 I was walking around looking for a spot to take a photo of the rings when I noticed a very nice man that I had sat with during dinner drinking a Heinekin.  He was almost done with it when I said…. "Mind if I borrow that?" Without hesitation he handed it to me.  I sat the rings on top and BADABOOM BADABING… AWESOME! What I like about the photo is that you'd NEVER guess it was sitting on a beer bottle but maybe you'd wonder where that green little light came from.  Now you know 😀






NAPERVILLE, Ill. This was one of the first times in my wedding photography experience that I wasn't there to watch the bride get ready. So, when Colleen walked in, my jaw DROPPED to the floor… AYKM??!?! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!  I experienced the first view of the bride like the guests do…

For those photos of the groomsmen… I'm not gonna lie… it was FAREEEEEEEZING outside.  Let me say that again…. FAREEEEEEEEEEZING!  I looked at the guys before we went out and said, "we'll only be out there for ten minutes… and I promise it'll be worth it."  Colleen's brother said to me, "If they're anything like the engagement photos, I have full faith in you."  It was such an awesome thing to hear… and I'll tell you this…. those guys did AWESOMELY!  It didn't get SUPER cold for us until that train came by… AHHHH!!!! WINNNNNDDDD!!!!!  And by the way… just so you groomsmen know that I didn't lie to you…. I just looked at the digital time stamps from the first photo we took out there to the very last and we got it done in EIGHT minutes 😉 BRING IT!

Colleen and Tom, you're one in a million.  You're two of the sweetest, most genuine, most laid back people we've ever met.  I just can't help but smile when you guys are around.  And, I know that's the case with everyone in your life… because I watched it happen all day. 😀


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

Anyone want some slide show love!?   Click here for it!  The user name is Colleen's maiden name, and the password is Tom's last name, in all lower case.

Also, the full gallery is available by clicking here!  The event key is the groom's last name!











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